India, UPA Years…Damned !

I am aghast of this information. During its 5-year term, central govt enabled release of ₹ 43 trillion in the economy, if this message on Twitter is true. The cumulative GDP through those years should be less than ₹1000 trillion. Though 5% of the national transacted value, these money were not lent against valuable collaterals and the lenders had no intention of turning over the amount through economic processes at their end, earn it back from value delivered into the economy, and honourably liquidate their debt.

No wonder, the inflation rate during the period hovered around 10%, making the middle class poorer and hitting the weaker sections especially hard.

And the leader of Congress Party, which gave us the hell, says, “PM Modi must stop blaming the Congress Party for India’s economic ills !”

Damn. Damn…


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