The Vedic Way

Why and whencefrom the Vedic Way ? The question is bound to occur among readers used to hearing supremacist beliefs blared into their ears. These beliefs are foremost in both Christianity and Islam who consider themselves especially favoured and their respective gods particularly supreme. The Vedic Way, quite apart from such claims to pedigree, rests on being true. It derives itself from reality, from how existence is and how our being across the three states offers clues for a conscious start by spiritual aspirants to live in truth and pursue their journey towards perfecting their realisation in truth. The whole method and prescribed details of the Vedic Way have their origin in witnessed facts observed in human experience and deeply contemplated upon for what is real, immutable and indestructible, in this very form of our mortal being.

How do we know it is true ? We would not without living in the Way by life and practices it recommends, its thought and values and its perspectives. There is no other way to know if it works, if it liberates our being of falsehoods and frees the self of its stakes in subtle and material worlds, and if it actually leads us to perfect realisation of the truth in respect of ourself.

The Vedic Way is a universal spiritual path that unites people with their own truth. It has no political leanings except in preservation of universal values, true perspectives and natural laws.

Excerpt from forthcoming work.

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