It’s A While, Dear Readers !

Yes, quite a while since I put up something new. But the 850 odd entries from before continue to engage readers across the globe, without slack. The warmth it leaves in my heart makes the effort more rewarding than my expectations. Thank you very much.

Somewhere in this pile, there is evidence of my involvement in INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION movement during the Silence Singh govt, back driven by Gandhi family dynasts. Alas, my hopes were dashed then; the IAC leadership proved to be just as so many wannabes who spun off into a political outfit infamous by now for lying, left style propaganda, lowlife behaviour and self serving interests. Despair loomed large despite the daily struggle of reading through reams of scam reports and finding little objectivity in discussions on co-opted mainstream media platforms against the perpetrators. Then the 2014 general elections were announced. The rest is history.

Goodness prevails since then with relatively corruption free, development oriented and poor enabling governance. But every good thing has a shelf life and, I believe, the mainstream people of this country will begin looking about for an alternative, a better than the good one they would have had through its decade long tenure. I would be a little too old by then, more medically hamstrung and less drawn to political happenings.

What would still engage me, perhaps even more than now, is the all encompassing Vedanta truth, Yoga practice, secret keys to the invisible Vedic Way, and culturally codified Dharma in epics, puranic texts, spiritually rich popular observances, and folk lores. And the people of this ancient nation, who are first hiers to all of these. I hope they progress economically upto that point of inflexion, whereafter materialism begins to overwhelm their personal beings. I trust the nation’s history, in which its knowledge traditions has won over ideological cultural imports and continuity has limited new age ways of living to tiny urban pockets. Both the people and the Way, and the underpinning legacy they contain, are precious to me.

I have written about my own experience of (Raja)Yoga and Vedanda realisations. It became an unwieldy tome of over 600 book size pages and had to be split into four paperback parts, apart the consolidated hard cover work. Ebook forms of two of the parts, EXTENDED BEING and THE VEDA, previously published on Draft2Digital, are now available on Kobo. They are at present in pre-order phase and will remain thus until their release on July 12 and 19, respectively. Please reach out for them on Kobo > ebooks, search them up by name, read up their descriptions and preview them. They are vested with much effort and close care, and the same sincerity you have always found in my words, if not perfection. Buy them for yourself as lifetime reads of true expression, beyond their impressive features or entertainment value.

Part I - ebook cover

kobo cover Part Ii

One of these days, I will also find a way to make these available in print.

Thank you, dear Readers, for taking the viewership of this blog closer to 200,000 mark !



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