Equality : Misdirected Clamour

It began with calls to establish the sameness between paupers and kings : strip the latter of his wealth and privilege and give to commoners their certified crowning. It hasn’t made people shine with the glory they brought down. And it has not prevented the rise of kings in other guise; they just might have so much more in their legally protected inheritance, or be better endowed with intelligence, perseverence and patience, abilities and skills. Call it divinity or chance, but the modern kings attain to their privileged status as much by heavens as the kings of yore did. In a way, the contemporary ones are more real kings : their blessedness is transparently deserved, in their capacity to lead, manage, discover and innovate, adding greater value to humanity possession.

Yet most quotes and statute entries aspire, and the clamouring left-lib-seculars in the street demand, and UN framework insists, that people be treated equally, that inequality is a measure of social injustice, and law courts routinely assure equality to all. All this, while we actually see how partisan the judges and court registries are in favour of the rich and affluential, how the street leaders retire to their luxurious abode and fares on their table, and the entire UN edifice is subject to dictates of the powerful on its board.

The truth is that “equality,” as a value in our legacy and especially in our current context, is a mere ideological imposition, without concord with reality as is evident in nature and in human diversity. On closer look, it transpires in our understanding that it is ‘inequality’ that better reflects the truth within this existence, essentially drives the economy and powers prosperity, and holds the most potential for humanity to excel at evolving into better form of itself.

So, where might “equality” actually have a place in our values system ? It is largely essential to our spiritual well being, to regard others as of equal value to their selves as we have for our self, and actually respect all beings everywhere, keeping them equally in our compassion. In material ways, all community assets and opportunities should be equally available to those who need or aspire. And we should govern ourselves, as a people, such as to maximise these common assets and create more open opportunities for people.

The same discussion replicates for gender equality militancy. It makes no sense for females to twist about their clittoral prick and for men to warp over feeling like a vagina. Instead, both have a need to become better human beings by the very natures they respectively have. There is more to their being than the crotch and the loin.



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