Bali : Where A Tourist Turns Pilgrim

All that you may have heard about its the sprawling beaches and exotic resorts is true. But even then, Bali is essentially a temple town. And Balinese are deeply religious (Dharmic is a better word but has not parallel in English), wearing their Hindu-ness proudly.  As people of a Dharma that is inclusive and accepting “the other” like none other and propunding piety towards all living creatures as well as the nature around, why shouldn’t they!

Bali’s cultural confidence strikes you the minute you touch-down. After landing and before entering the airport building look right opposite. A huge image of  Bhagvan Vishnu on his Garuda stands with a divinely poise, at a distance, towering the “bhu-loka”; as if comforting the visitor that she was going to be safe, satisfied and sound in this sacred land. HE will be there always, watching over! The name “Bali” comes from the sanskrit word bali (small a) which  means offerings. Thus, Bali is the land of offerings, the land of gratitude.

What a substantial narrative of pure observation, connection and spiritual elevation !

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Bali: A touristic pilgrimage

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