I Am Reading Now…

The Wild by Christopher Golden.

It is available as a free to read ebook on novel80.com

It is well written and engaging narration, especially for those of us who have or have had adventure in their heart.


After almost a week spent climbing the Chilkoot Trail, Jack’s bones ached and his muscles burned, but he felt alive in a way he believed few people would ever experience. Unshaven, unwashed, he nevertheless perceived himself as clean, somehow purified by the icy mountain air and his own backbreaking efforts. Away from his mother and her spiritual charlatanism—but more important, away from every job he’d ever had, every version of himself he’d ever tried to create—at last he could strip away the world’s expectations and find the man within.

Who is Jack London? he wondered, certain that this journey would bring him the answer.

Seen from the top of the pass, the remainder of the trail seemed like a gift. It leveled out and then began a gentle descent toward distant canyons.


That’s all folks !

Pick up the book if you are looking for one.


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