What Have You Done, Modi Ji !

That is, speaking anecdotically, after a forenoon spent through election results announced for India’s Parliament, for its next 5-year term…

Amma ji : Kitchen will remain closed this evening. She then walked out of the house saying, do not wait for me for high tea.

Pita ji : Bring my whiskey bottle, son. I now know, he would be sprawled on his long easy chair and would doze off snoring through the rest of the afternoon. How he is so quiet though, bests me !

Beta ji : Mummy, will be late. Will have dinner with friends. Yeah, yeah…will leave my car at my friend’s. Yeah, yeah…will take a cab home.

Huh. Hah.

Kya karte ho , Modi ji !

Sorry. Kya kya karte ho, Modi ji ! ! !

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