Capitalist – Their World And Ours

Quote : “… a for-profit enterprise lives and breaths profit…its their oxygen… again its not the objective of a for-profit private enterprise to save the world or help the poor…”

Precisely, my point. It describes their world succinctly.

Borlaug speaking at the Ministerial Methodist ...
Borlaug speaking at the Expo on Agricultural Science and Technology in June 2003

On the other hand, our world and our people

have nothing to do with it; we are not served

in the least by a capitalist’s profit.

We are served by enterprise, inventions,

innovations … not by private profits.

And “for-profit” capitalists are far from being

the only agents for change or at shooting

a new trail for us to take : Marx, Gandhi,

Luther King and Mandela were not.

Dr Norman Borlaug too was not one,

nor were the Curies.

In fact, the capitalist (and their profit) is redundant to our world and the people : it matters little whether they are there or not. They do employ people but most of it is exploitative; it yields money but leaves our people more physically sick, mentally choked and spiritually unhappy than they otherwise would have been.

Haven’t we heard of NikolaTesla ? Nobody has served the world and our people more than his inventions and

Nikola Tesla monument
Nikola Tesla monument 

innovations in modern times.

And he did not give a damn to profits or creating wealth

for himself.

You may read up Edison’s bio, for the contrast.

Similar is the story of the inventor of polio vaccine…

* * *

You say, you are shocked …

Well, it’s good if you are shocked into a glimpse of alternate reality — humanism, for us commoners amounting to 6 billion odd !

Rather than us not getting it, you seem pretty much history-blind and perspective-dumb. Let me explain :

1) Profit is not a bad word for me … it’s a necessity but not connected to the megalomania of the “capitalist.” It’s a business or organisation need, to pay for the cost of funding and operation partnerships, and to remain in business in future. That’s about it; nothing more … and surely not all that wealth accumulation romance that is driving more and aspirants crazy.

2) I don’t see why foregoing his royalty on intellectuall property from the least and less developed eonomies isn’t a much better, more efficient and direct proposition for Bill Gates than depriving them of its free use, collecting the royalty on a shrunk base, piling (hoarding) it up, and then issuing it in accord with his will and fancy as charity !

By foregoing his steep fees in perpetuity, the economies will be able to afford early tech-empowerment and surge faster into managing themselves better, usher in transparent governance and, in addition, enabling its people with all manner of direct and indirect spin-off products and services.

As for Gates, he’ll still be richer than 99.9% of earth’s population with returns from North America, Europe, Far East and sundry other economies with the ability to pay.

3) A compelling reason for foregoing tall piles of concentrated wealth in few hands is that it makes them unduly powerful, with their capacity to influence and make governments in accord with their wishes, and not for what govts are supposed to do — taking care of their land, resources and their people. These render democracies with oligarchical character, or to being subverted into the same plutocracy the world has overtly emerged out of.

That vulgar display of earthquake-proof Antila Mansion by Mukesh Ambani – 27 storeys for 5 people, is a case in point.

Did you notice how our Parliament and Legislatures have already been cast in their very image – 70% odd are crorepatis !

No, Parag, I will accept that it takes all kinds to make up this world, and the capitalist too has a place in it. But he isn’t someone who is aligned with what this world and its people need.

However, I wouldn’t want them to go extinct. But that’s only on account of my love for diversity !

Wheat is the third most produced cereal crop

Journal : Musings

There’s nothing special about today.
It just indelibly seems so, and that has my whole-hearted support.

#Govts need to acknowledge that allowing speculation is inflationery … a -ve in terms of public good and a crime not categorised yet. Buying up natural resources – land, water, forests, coastal fronts, foodgrains, housing, etc – in order to hoard or do as one pleases, or raise a buiness to serve the Profit Motive, should be regulated to ensure ban, moderation or re-orienting the motive. Without delay…

#BigBiz needs to acknowledge that Promoter’s Profit is not a public good of the same order as wages and affordabilty of the products : Wages signify a social value and are the only honourable method to spread surplus income of a collective enterprise.

What ? Every business is one, if you are still wondering.

And affordability, without compromising on quality, expands out real GDP, gives businesses a real footing in the market and not the fake one pushed up by ads and PR taht crashess every couple of years. Above all, that’s eminently is the very purpose of any enterprise … to produce goods and offer services that will bought and subscribed to by greatest numbers.

Again ? If you doubt…

Retweet if you refuse to shop at @Walmart until they pay workers a living wage! #WalkoutOnWalmart
Look at this : People lie as convenient. What a mess ? A man can quote Rs.37000 crores in one place and Rs.2500 crores somewhere else. And, it is allowed !
#Kasab‘s hanging has spurred #Pak dailies and ppl to issue calls 4 speedy conclusion of trial and exemplary punishment to the 26/11 accused. But how wud this rat #UPAGovt have guessed ?
#RBI makes it clear : #IslamicBanking, whatever eff it means, is impossible under existing laws. Thk God, the stupidity will remain @ bay !

Now #RamchandraGuha, the ‘gr8 intellectual’ says democratic institutions have been undermined by successive #Cong govts. N that, #MMS, the 2-term Prime Minister, a doctor of philosophy and widely acclaimed economist, has been tragic !

#Muslim beware ! Circumcision couldd lead to need for surgical bobbitisation. Stories of female clittorical mutilation r too awful to recall !
Good. The public knew and rued. Now the courts have certified : @DelhiPolce2 is poor at collecting evidence n prosecution is awfully stupid.
The infamy I’ve gained, of sleeping soundly in theatres, was acquired during visits to #Calcutta planetorium in 80s. It’s night time there !
All set to watch #LifeOfPi this Sunday. A rare initiative by me.
See ya …
Vamadevananda –

Indian Economic Reforms … My Foot !

I don’t deny that this GDP may have a meaning – National, for the international community, and State, for the Federal Govt. But what does it mean for the people ?

To be useful for framing our economic policies, GDP must be broken up Income Group wise, adjusted for inflation !

And, why do we presume that 40% of our population who are already half-starved and fully miserable would not be any worse off with 7% – 25% real rate of inflation per annum ? Are doles and subsidies, however targeted and if not tapped away by our netas and babus, any substantial remedy to their poverty ?

What kind of effing Nobel economist laureates have taken over our world order ?

What m-c value do banks add to the money they borrow @ 6 – 8% to be lending out @ 15 – 18% ?

And I see very intelligent people hailing #FDI in retail as economic “reform” !
My foot…

***   *   ***

UC … Middlemen …

1. Is this admittance of a few foreigner mega Middlemen an improvement over having thousands of Indian middlemen in the supply chain ? We all know what such wealth concentrated oligarchs can do, and actually do to subvert the public good.

2. The farmers getting a higher return is a holistic issue. What good is a higher return of Rs 5 to him when the inputs and costs of other goods he buys increase by Rs 20 ?

3. The ” Co-operative ” model has been so abused by our corrupt politicians [ our Co-op Banks for instance…] and the movement so deliberately ignored, opposed and undermined since decades … !

An Idea :  A New Constitution with 542 States …

You might have not meant or intended that way but, as an idea, there is great merit to it :

1. Smaller 542 admn blocks … with autonomous heads within the India firmament, with accountability in a Parliament of their ilk, not politicians and partymen …

2. No elections, no political parties … a Parliament of 542 CEOs of Indian states … D

I don’t see why that has to be the case (,,, bulky…)… just remove everybody [ but for nodal offices in skeletal Federal structure ] other that the 542 Sate collectorates !

PS : Just eliminating the Political waste … parties, elections, machinations and the sham … is some evolution. I expect the Panchayats will get the primacy they deserve … Lo and Behold ! We would have transited fro electoral democracy to a Participatory one : )))

Journal : June 09, 2012 : Musings … Knut Hamsun, India, Fairness, Past Life, Nietzsche, Being, EU, Culinary …

#WhoAreWe : We are humans. We are Hindus.

We connect as one, if not as other. Let’s live the truth.

Twitter does what it is meant to do. Fishes don’t climb trees.

Your observation is important. But action is exclusively upto You and I. If you wud lead, I would follow. Shall we meet ?


#What Is Fair : The immoral and motivated amoral – journalists, economists, near sighted smarts and businessmen – counter with : What is Fair ? It’s relative…

Well, dimwits and intellectual dullards, if we keep out those national policy making asses in the govt or parliament, it isn’t very difficult.


“Most of the corrupt and debauch, violent and mean… who’ve robbed the people’s exchequer and subverted their aspirational institutions… they all are very religious people, who duly prostrate before the Divine Will, and even share their spoils with Him/Her/It !

Dullards wrongly associate Nietzsche’s attempt to raise Moral Supermen with the Nazis. We each must endeavour…”


My point isn’t whether it advocates or not. It is that religion or Divine Will just doesn’t work with most people, empirically speaking. And, I’m afraid, it never will for most people. That’s how we are as a population mix.

As far as outcomes go, we’d be better off with having the Factory rule : The Gate closes at 9.30 AM. Late hours will be recorded and suitably penalised against. We know your personal situation and disabilities make it hard… But tough luck… It’s 9.30 or penalty. Please comply.


Why do YOU have to start at all ?

( If someone finds it all meaningless…)

Those who look without dream, and are hopeful or paralysed as each might be in a dream.

And through all this, we all will wake up one day… into our within.


“Little birds have been calling… It’s impossible that they have any other being behind their existence than the one behind mine ! #Truth”


“No, #Plants do not think, I believe. But they feel, which impels them to affect themselves, for better or worse.

They r an individual being.”


I can ask the questions because I am an Ordinary Man ! I am no partyman of any hue. #voxpopuli


#EU … “more integration” sounds innocuous. It’s when u translate as “more austerity, more policy diktats” that it bcums Herculean !


Freedom to choose is most characteristic of the #Sanatan way.

There is no Pope, priest, swami, guru… to impose upon you. U learn…evolve.


Suggestive Data on Guardian says Self – Published books on romance sell 170% more… and that one must obtain feedback from a whole array of people in order to improve the saleability of the work !

So what do we do : write what we want or write what would sell ?


Disenchanted with corruption that modernity brings in its wake, especially democracy, Knut Hamsen, the condemned Norwegian author, voted for change that will arrest the seeming downslide and erosion of values. He supported the Nazis, without being aware of what they were doing elsewhere. The country banded him a “traitor !”

But Knut was not alone among Norwegians to welcome the efficient and organised Germans. I would have disagreed with Knot… would have worked to oppose his beliefs… but traitor ? No… Hell, I loved the books he had authored. Still do.


My own work … is going at monkey pace. A few leaps, more distractions, and long suspension.


Culinary India


My past life diagnosis :

I don’t know how I feel about it, but I was a female in my last earthly incarnation.

I was born somewhere in modern Central India around the year 875 AD.

My profession was that of a philosopher and thinker.

My brief psychological profile in past life :
Timid, constrained, quiet person.

I had creative talents, which waited until this life to be liberated.

Sometimes my environment considered me as “strange.”

The lesson that my last past life brought to my present incarnation :
My main task is to make the world more beautiful.

Physical and spiritual deserts are just waiting for my touch.

So, I keep smiling !

Now, do I remember ?


See you, next !

vamadevananda –