Journal : Governance

What are some objective metrics for quality of governance ?

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) PPP (Purchasing P...

01 Number and Effectiveness of autonomous institutions directly accessible to public to lodge grievances, complaints, suggestions… pertaining to public admn personnel, machinery, policy and performance.

02 The Ratio of what it costs to avail basic necessities – food, clothes, shelter, health care, transportation –  to what is the avg per capita GDP.

03 True Unemployment ratio to employable pool available in different skill, education, age groups.

04 Price rise year -on-year compared to rise in income strata wise.

05 Satisfaction Level of the poorest strata with public welfare and distribution system.

06 Number of health care personnel per 1000 population nationally and region, area, locality wise.

07 Availability and Cost of justice … to common populace.

08 Period it takes to dispose judicial cases.

09 Backlog of cases pending in law courts.

10 Ease of filing FIR with police, its disposal period and rate of conviction.

And so it continues …

Gross Domestic Product
Gross Domestic Product (Photo credit: gothick_matt)

Health Through Matters Gross !

Since my post on a health blog got a thumbs up, I feel encouraged to share it here.

My body is not in the best of health but I do without many medicines … there’s one for my diabetes, a vitamin cap and one for calcium. Yet I’d like to share this one single prevention, amongst all mother ill functioning of the body that are widespread and proven disease multipliers… constipation. It’s worked for me since ages and the rules are remarkably simple.

It’s through remembering to follow some rules for seat behaviour :

  1. Sit as if you have the whole day for the job; don’t worry, it’s never taken more than 10 odd minutes !

  2. Don’t start with pushing, pressing and puffing down below; trust your body to do the job.
    After all, you’re in there because of signs that it would.

  3. Just sit, spine straight or just a little bent over as it suits, but shoulders dropped and body at ease and relaxed. Give the neck some respite from having to hold up your great thinking box … yes, let even the head drop with chin close to the chest.
    There is no other thought or concern more important than the job at hand. The sky could tumble for all you care !

  4. Just breathe in fully, letting the stomach puff out as it would;
    and breathe out as it comes, taking the stomach in as it would.
    That’s your only real task while you are in there, not the area lower on !

  5. Give the body time enough till it does what you are there for, aiding it now and then ever so slightly.

  6. And please, don’t leave the place prematurely, just because you “feel” it’s done.
    Most of the time it’s just the trailer or an intermission …

Happy relieving !