SOROUSHA – A Millennial Work


One fallout of persisting at such an impossible mission is that the work in your hand does not aspire to be entertaining. It would be a huge bonus if it does but only while it serves to expose the inscrutable subject matter better, a little more effectively. It really is the umpteenth retelling of Yoga-Vedanta, evidence of which has been revealed since hoary times, in Vedic lore or Sanatana Dharma texts.

This work draws upon the texts to sketch the same alluded truths, and the truth of truths. It has been personally rediscovered and revalidated in every age since those ancient days, for the truth is universal and its realisation is impersonal. The Way presents very exacting demands on individuals used to wearing different coats to project the person we desire to be on particular occasions. It is a solitary man’s search into his own truth values and the saga of his long drawn effort yo align his being along life perspectives that transport the individual over into transcendence, into realms of consciousness that brooks no personal conditioning or identity.

Those values and perspectives are already available, evolved and well clarified over dozens of millennia, and are now set in common awareness among mainstream people in the Indian subcontinent. If few walk all the way, it is because most are compulsorily mired in personal economics and are affected by the global ways being set up by communal religious hordes. Besides, human nature is still addicted to objects for his entertainment and pleasure, same as it has ever been.


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