Hindu — The Word

#Hindu — the word — is identifying of us, the mainstream people of India. It is a hard identity only while facing the political, predatory, spiritually cipher Abrahamic religions — Christianity and Islam. Events in India’s thousand year long past, reinforced in the present, has convinced us that indiscriminate, soft, embracing sense for other belief systems is misplaced and self destructive.


Hindu — the word — is not a particular hard descriptor otherwise. That indescribable fluidity is still etched in how we accept ourselves regardless of the apparent strangeness we present amongst us on account of diversity in evidence — languages, deities, clothes, food and rituals. This acceptance of differences in ways of life is not intellectual but found on an inalienable softness built into inner structures that form our very being as individual people.

Hindu — the word — is hence more enigmatic, wonderfully undefined but pregnant with meanings, than any other I have come across. Which, of course, is transcendental to how the word is regarded by linguists : as an adaptation of Sindhu, the River Indus in the north west of the country.


America, The Idea Liberals Puff Up

“For those Americans—Democrats and Republicans—who cherish America’s global role as a beacon of freedom and democracy, a Trump presidency presents a clear and present danger. Leaders in both parties must meet this challenge head-on before Mr. Trump irreparably damages our cause.”

So, the WSJ carries. That the writer is personally anti-Trump, in thought or pathology, would not have arrested my surf on web. It is this idea projected on America, as beacon of freedom and democracy, that reminded me for long how the US bedded dictators and junta rulers everywhere, how it fomented trouble in sovereign countries and caused utter disasters on account of the liberal “mission,” not unlike the missionaries who take on the “white man’s burden” and leave people in superstition, ignorance and colonised.


The US — America — turned into a big dog international bully under that unbridled mantle of beaconous ideology, which was misused and worse by its delusioned champions. It seeded intentions divorced from reality, from the fraternity common amongst equals, the friendliness and humility we bear for people in various climes and polity, who are the same striving and aspirational but appear and seem so different. America, if it had not ideologically tippled over, would have gathered the world around itself.

I hope the Trump presidency will keep America on real grounds and not be rushed by slogan shouting in its streets, media, or in invitations from politicking opportunists abroad.

#Demonetisation To Several Cures

It’s an angry post directed against economic thiefs and robbers, and those who peddle counterfiets to finance deadly disturbances to impede propagation of law and order in society.

What does a physician do to a patient that refuses the cure and instead prefers to leaps for indulgences that would fatally harm him ? What if a few of such patients group together, grow loud and prevent dispensing medication to very many who understand their situation and the need for bitter, even painful, antidotes ?


All naysayers a la MMS, and the paw-pawing politicians materially affected by current note ban, are speaking of its impact on the economy and on us citizens. But do they even understand the negative impact of black or fake currency on our lives, on our economy and national security, against which the demonetisation decision has been taken :

One, an economy with large parallel economy preferentially serves those with unaccounted cash, who have stolen from the Treasury and not paid for their share of use of public sevices and infrastructore; they warp and skew the marketplace, that is every sector of industry, to their own favour, against the interest of common people.

In addition, large concentrations of such stash pose give their holders inconceivable and unpredictable power to pose threats to national security and manipulate the market, cause stampede, cheapen the value of money owned by honest earners, fund disruptions, etc.

Two, the impact of fakes and counterfiets in promoting terror and maoist activities is all too clear : Kashmir is peaceful, 98% attended their school exams, maoist surrender in hordes… All leading to fewer loss of lives of our citizens working for our security.

Will the naysayers quantify the value of all those lives saved ? How much does it mean, in their estimate, to have order and development prevail once again in all the “disturbed” areas marked by mayhem, rape and murder ? What is the value of reinstating honest values and ethical standards in our societies everywhere ?

Those who oppose PM Modi’s note ban announcement made on Nov 8 must answer these questions before they understand the full value and base imperatives behind the decision. It only thereafter that merits of this radical promulgation, to demonetise higher currencies, can be weighed.

Demonetisation, after 70 years of misrule, half-hearted administration and rank corruption, is truly of a kind at this point in the history of our young nation : One Measure, Several Essential Cures. The difficulty and inconvenience, some factual much pedalled, is small small price to pay for us citizens to have a more secure nation, less manipulated markets, uniform and honest value of money in marketplaces all over, restoration and propagation of mainstream values and ethics, promotion of cashless society and availability of factual data for administering our nation and economy.

But do these ill motivated and misguided ignorants even get it ?

Be Glad To Follow…


Not Meanings But Truth

We are used to decoding meanings from anything we see, read or hear. What does it mean to, and for, us ?That is the question which pops up within, in respect of the thing that comes to hover in our attention.

Yet, however profound the meaning we are capable of forming or extracting, that is not the intended end of statements compiled in the Upanishads. They each state the truth, or fact when it is less fundamental to our reality.

We are free to think and contemplate over the meaning of a particular expression in an Upanishad. Indeed, the book encourages us to do so. But that isn’t the accomplishment they ask us to rest on. It is “nidhidhyasan,” realisation of the truth, real and palpable, here and now.

Let me illustrate with an instance :

    Mundaka Up. Verse 3.1.1

द्वा सुपर्णा सयुजा सखाया समानं वृक्षं परिषस्वजाते ।
तयोरन्यः पिप्पलं स्वाद्वत्त्यनश्नन्नन्यो अभिचाकशीति ॥ १ ॥

Freely translated, it states :

Two identical birds, companions inseparable and eternal, perch on the very same tree.

One hops successively, partaking the differently flavoured fruits sour, bitter or sweet.

The other sits unmoved, witnessing, and eats not.

That is what forms as we read the verse. Now, the literal must lead to what it means to us, in accord with the context. The vivid imagery allows us to think of the individual self and the supreme self as two birds, a duo inseparable and eternal, it is impressed on the reading and contemplating self. The self couple are described as perched to the same world particular to the individual being.

As a statement not encountered elsewhere or otherwise, the pondering self has not only found it but has also arrived at its correct, literal and consistent meaning. Under the circumstance, then, it is easy to understand how we would feel flooded with this sense of profundity, upon the rise of the discovered meaning of the verse.

But that profound sense of the Upanishad statement, though correct and encouraged, is only a mirage reflecting in the intellect of the person compared to the transcendent, transforming truth embedded in the Upanishad verse. It states the real, the self as it actually is in the mind-body complex devolved in its world. It is that — the self duo — which is to be known first hand and be perceived directly by us, palpably, within this very individual being — the tree — we are.

In other words, the intellectual, profoundly seeming meaning is a trap. It is the truth, expressed in the verse, that must be witnessed, must become real.

Y I Rooted For Trump

All along, when the mainstream media was plastering headlines of a landslide Hillary Clinton victory, I had rooted for Donal Trump, less at first for his positive than in clear opposition to who the challenging candidate was and what she represented.


A virulently anti–Trump thought–holder voiced in an online post, post-Hillary-defeat, that seems almost calamity-calling and expressive of deep wounds the Trump win has caused among some people.

No, I know the online friend is a liberal and has been against Trump for the “values” that the man, and his then unlikely Presidency, seemed to deny. The fears my friend now voiced were expected, again on account of loss of the same enlightenment values he sincerely champions.

I believed that the real issues before the American people, the fears they held, could not be addressed by a candidate who was a huge part of the problem, a leading figure in all that had caused them in the first place :


Well, post Trump win, I hold no fears, at least not any more than any Presidency might draw. Trump is no butcher, a rape wave raising debauch. There are the same controls and checks he will have to face, even from within his ownparty. I am so sorry that institutions like FBI proved so easy to corrupt and manipulate, as pre-election events did prove. But the laws of the land are still there, firm and clear as ever.

Apart from the routine (State policies are not changed by a single man in the US, even if he is the POTUS), Trump holds the most promise to disrupt the status quo. That’s my sincere belief. I like the fact that he questioned the slow growth rate of US economy. That’s the reality closer to American people than all the fiberal narrative peddled by MSM, through their sponsored and, if I may unreservedly say, corrupt covering of the sins of Her Masters Voice.

I hope Trump kickstarts US attention to real issues, matters close to real people, and find solutions to the problems now staring into the faces of the people and the United States of America.

Let’s get down to the real world than manipulative abstracts, lip served for selfish ends for long.

Hip Up, World, Let’s Get Real !


The Self Rises To Where It Ever Was

It sure seems a paradox — that definitive rise of being at the same place ? What and from where ? To where all and how ? It appears to violate all laws of natural science and forces us conjure several alternate, creative models in mathemagical terms such as the theory of relativity, and its rather bizarre conclusions, once demanded of us, and pondering over the origin and constitutional nature of our universe still forces.

Re-reading the above paragraph, it is dense even for me to comprehend. So, to communicate this inner sight of self-free over the self-in-action during samadhi — self in yogic bliss, I will come back to yogic terminologies proper.


The Mool centre glows white as our forever anchor, the Svadhishthan self-disssatisfaction centre is quenched cipher, and the Naval Prana centres with Vyana, in volumetric expansion and stable dilatory cycle, beyond the linear rise and descent of Prana and Apana, and even beyond their fleeting concurrence in the Heart.

In that configuration of inner forces, awakened and in sight, the top three are open, the unmoving Vishuddha blinking to long dilatory cycles, the Aagya lit wide from between the brow, holding the inner vision itself, and the self-free looking over this wondrous self-in-action, the backend of the individual being which remains commonly veiled to the materially grappling, selfishly grasping and spiritually gasping person-in-the-world.


This then is the yogic bliss in that stable, absorbingly felt vision : self-free over the self-in-action. This self-free is forever the witness, reflecting in the intellect and causing self conflictions perceived as our conscience. As for the self-in-action we are, immersed in the world, it is commonly centred in the gray Svadhisthan streaming rising dissatisfaction and fleeting contentment, and corresponding emotional webs with their own wills into which the individual self arrestingly cascades. In between, it has thoughts and ideas, few of which he then delights in and one or two he may commit to in the short term. Long term committments are rare, extremely rare, to this individual self.

The whole of these observations must considered as personal, as they are in my own experience.

Yet wasn’t I collating and witnessing the Being and its Self ? As they are. In me.


Sun : The Primordial Face Of Being

I am awake when the alarm started unusually early. It was also rare that mylady promptly heeded the iterating calls of her smartphone. Up and about she was, without that mandatory curled up, pillow smooching delay until the sexond call beckoned exactly half hour later. The voice was still laden with sleep; but the wakefullness was smiling bright. She was off to the first offering to the rising Sun God, this day in the  early morning, which will be followed by the second offering later the same day, in the evening, to the setting Sun.

I reckon this to be the oldest worship man ever perfomed : to the most primordial face of Being — the Sun. The spirit is “pagan” … from the preparatory, deep felt purity the performers beckoned from within themselves, to the rituals readying the body for one of the most ardent of fasts they kept on several such festive occasions through the year, filling carefully their offering basket with  fruits and special cookies, carrying these on head to river bank, or canal or reservoir as might be nearest, and waiting knee deep in the water … for Sun to rise. Along the way, the women, always in a group would sing… Nothing fancy, arty or literary, but melodiously about their very going, specially in praise of their male members who usually carry the heavy offering baskets, and of the Sun… whose face they would especially behold.

It’s a day I vividly remember from my childhood days when we brothers will lead the way, ahead or surrounded by the group of females singing melodiously right through until we reached the thronging location, by the lockgate on a canal that meandered from River Sone, a tributary of River Ganga, on to Gana itself.

It’s past seven… The worship would be shortly over and the lot would be back. They who’ve kept fast (nobody who hasn’t is a worshiper proper) would rest. Many would resume at the daily household chores, devoted and praying, and humming melodiously. Groups will again converge about ten hours later, for evening repeat, accompanied with much joy and blowing of conch shells.

The fast however would be broken in the morning next.


Oh, Why , Why Support Trump ?

This is a rant in New York Times that is pretty informative and interesting. It lays out well illustrated “truth vs lies” thesis only to lament, “Why, why do people still support Trump ?”

That is mystery, unacceptable mystery behind this now open fact : Trump has support of the American people. But why, when he lies 3 times more than Hillary, he’s already an announced groper, and is an obnoxious personality with a bundle of ill-considered views on very important American policies and matters of grave consequence for both the US and the world.

My answer to this indecipherable “why” is that the common American senses that he can do it. What ? What can he…do ?

In a word : disrupt.


Trump can disrupt the elites now ruling America and their opaque elitist ways. The American people want to disrupt the manner in which they have so far been governed, the way their lives and their economic environment has been managed, and the way American democratic and transparency institutions have been subverted to serve self not-people interests.

The unraveling email dumps have only confirmed the muck the people of this country has been covered with by just a few, who have persistently pursued their personal interests and their political warchests from huge special interest funds that seek persons in power to do their bidding. The current President Obabama has done that right through his two. The grant of amnesty to Monsanto, support to barbaric Saudi govt, Libya tragedy and fiasco, regime change goals in Syria, double speak on Iran, Ukraine potboil and breakdown of relations in Russia, approval of oil pipeline in complete disregard to Native American sentiments, persecuting whistleblowers of what is all that wrong with the US Govt over the decades… to name a few.

Donald Trump’s actions and views, and his frontal demeanor, seems to say to the American people that he can disrupt the opaqueness in both the government and the Republican party he is a nominee of. That would be a huge beginning. The fact that he funded his relatively small electoral campaign expense majorly with his own money adds to his uninfluenced persona and credibility.

That is what the Americal people want, at this stage. Nothing less, not all the political correctness and think tank word gymnastics. Not any more any of this facade of facetious anouncements in journalistic dailies and 24 hour radio and brodcasting channels anchored by greatly applauded minds. Not the deviousness, cunning, and myriad dubious special interest obligations, which takes the governance away from focus on people issues and twists it all into the same entrenched labyrinthine arteries of dark corruption.

No sir, no madam, the American people are sick and tired of these duplicitous governance ways that fills all their holes with hopes that do not materialise, that only make their own lives worse while the elites shine with more bubble.. No, not any more of this that just does not deliver.

That is what Trump, the off the cuff guy, promises to disrupt.


Clarifying Secularism, For Nth Time

When the nation’s Apex Court says, #secularism is not aloofness from religion, it misses both the tree and the forest because it is following the muddled up wheel-ruts to the meaning of the word.

Historically developed in Christian world, which saw a centuries long war between the Papal Authority and the local chief or king, SECULARISM was indeed coined to enforce an aloofness of the State from religion.

It is another matter that it also led, especially in modern decades, to atheism — a totally religion neutral personal belief system — voluntarily embraced by hundreds of millions in the same Christian world.

In India, SecuralisM as an ideology was championed mostly by communist ideologues drawing inspiration from Russia and China. It spawned left aligned artists, scientists, commited avant garde niche, people movements and criminal antinationalists, maoists, and people who advocated fence squat openness, doughting thomases, and a whole bunch of disaffected materialists content with fime food, good wine ang long empty speeches.


Alongside, secularism was political espoused for vote bank formation through minority appeasement, fanning spurious fears and hardening minority identities that led to social rife, incidental and convenient opportunism, and rank anti mainstream.

That is where we are.

That is from where the Supreme Court could have used the opportunity to clarify and simplify jarring, politically much-milked issues like :

— State Haj subsidy,

— RTE and Hindu Temple Endowment Act that discriminates between mainstream and minority institutions,

— constricted public freedom in major minority dominated areas within the Republic,

— state administration policies that look away from festive rioting by particular vote bank communities, as it happens in WBengal, Kerala, Bihar, UP and UK.

Your Lordships !
It is the State administration, public policies, and its implementation on the ground on every inch of nation’s territory, which needs to be religion neutral, or be “aloof” as you express.

The people, especially in our spiritually suffused country, must be allowed full freedom to practice their ways, their colouful and beautifully pagan tradtions, and their ancient overwhelmingly fulfilling body of life perspectives, thought or philosophies, and deeply evolutionary inner world practices.

It should be the State’s duty to ensure that through both affirmative and negating actions, real-time.


Who’s Stalling, Your Lordship ?

Media Headlines screamed :

#CJI Thakur “Slams” the govt for “stalling” judges appointment (through its opaque collegium system that the Court itself has faulted) …


Here are the bare facts though, quoted in govt’s response :

“The government is keen to expedite appointment of judges and as explained in the court, 86 fresh appointments have been made in the high courts. 121 additional judges have been made permanent, 14 chief justices have been appointed and four chief justices transferred…”

Besides, 18 additional judges have been given extension and four judges to the apex court were also appointed and 33 judges of high courts have been transferred.

The govt pointed out that there is a judicial direction to finalise the MoP – a document to guide appointment of Supreme Court and High Court judges – to make collegium more transparent and objective and to make the the zone of consultation wider.

The direction was given because the existing system was found to be flawed. The MoP, as per the direction of the apex court, should be finalised by the Chief Justice of India with a unanimous view of the fellow members of the collegium.

“The government’s view is pending before the SC for two months now. That also needs to be expedited now,” the govt said.


Mr PM, Are Families Legal Entities ?

Our cultural drift in recent decades prompt a gathering of thought on  ” Family,” especially for the youth and the younger ‘ professionals ‘ who are most empowered in the society, physically and financially.

It is easy for them to ignore the others, because they can. But as a direct consequence of their short-sight and their emotional self – absorption, which they can afford, they reinforce and aggravate faultlines in the collective that includes them. In addition to the misery and overall loss their attitude causes, the impact of backwaves reverberating from without often leaves them too deplete, both materially and mentally.

We may ignore or force our way against such after-effects of attitudinal change while we are still in our twenties and thirties, but the loss and negativity keeps building up and crashes upon us when it becomes unavoidable and can no longer be prevented. What is at stake here is the care, love and happiness we all have in our lives, individually and as a group.

A bad mother is likely to raise a rapacious warped mind; a selfish father, without respect for common decency, will spawn a monstrous progeny. It is families that constitute our larger social collectives : locality, town, state, diverse communities religious or secular, province, professional groups and the nation.


I take no religious cues and quote no reference text in saying that a Family is an institution. It has a purpose or mandate, an organisation and structure, values and attitudinal norms, and behavioural processes to abide by. But mostly, it is not a formal or legal entity, has no documented basis to existence and functioning, and hence can be easily flouted and transgressed. They keep getting dysfunctional all the time and are destroyed within the span of a generation or two.

But the family is the closest and the most important group, of which each one of us are a part. To avoid going generic, I would present my view of a ‘ fictional ‘ family as it would be in Indian context and as, perhaps, I myself would be happy to have despite the imperfections and peculiarities of its individual members !

Values, Organisation & Roles

Purpose, Values & Rules :

01 To Pursue Collective Material Abundance and Emotional Happiness

02 To Promote Personal Growth and Intellectual Evolution

03 To Honour Individual Goal of Spiritual Fulfillment

Not every member of the family would be inclined or capable of furthering along the stated purposes and values. There would be those who would stop at the material and the emotional. Others would be more willing to put in the effort for educating themselves further and a rare one might pitch for more morally evolved strengths and awareness.

The personal values and rules of behaviour however is set for all by the instituted purposes : at cooperating among themselves for collective material abundance and behaving with sufficient care and mindfulness, especially towards the weak and more disadvantaged, to allow collective emotional happiness. The family could have additional commandments in their values system… say, ” We will never wrong others,” ” We will respect facts and truths against our opinions or assumptions,” ” We will always restore trust amongst each other and act in fairness,” etc.

Father :

The Father in the family is the head of the institution, above all, by virtue of his being in a position to best represent the family values, guide it through the present and keep its future in his trust.

Mother :

The Mother, again, is a position in the family that keeps it together, serves its vital needs and answers the emotional call of individuals in the family.

It is clearly important that the Mother and Father have open and smooth communication line between them. They must have the maturity to come into conflict on occasions, even rage at each other on issues, but withdraw sufficiently well in time to reassess and cool off enough to understand the other’s stand. It is necessary to appreciate that what is on table is institutional in nature and not a matter of mere personal preference. For instance, a member’s need for food cannot be ignored just because one is busy or does not feel like it. Similarly, a decision to invest cannot be taken at the cost of essential need of a member or if it makes the family’s material life miserable.

Members :

All members are to be as children of the family. The adult must add to the family’s purposes to the best of their abilities. They also have a responsibility towards themselves which, if not attempted for, would adversely affect the family as a whole.

Children yet growing up must obviously strive to add to their learning, awareness of facts, experience and knowledge.

All children however, regardless of age, must defer to the Father and Mother of the family, which is working towards its purposes on behalf of all.

Personal :

A family that does not have a place for personal imperfections and peculiarities, even vice, of individual members is heading for extinction. Institutionally, it should be able to encourage the individuals with patience and love, for them to establish a moderation in respect of such deviations. The other members, despite their conflicting personal values, should be able to accommodate the departing behaviour and accept the person for what he or she means to the family in institutional terms.

No member of the family, including the Father and the Mother, should be expected to be a paragon of ALL personal virtues at ALL the time. And, it is actually easier to accept the odd weakness or failing of anyone when the our primary identity is institutional, rooted in the family.

Inviting you all to raise a happier family and to contribute better to the happiness of one you are already a part of !

We, The Good And The Bad…

The modern saga is about both liberty or freedom and collossal governance verticals to segregate, punish or remove the bad.

That’s a tall order, not only because the bad persist and even flourish but because those charged with the first order task, of catching, punishing and removing them, are themselves bad. Removing them becomes the second order task for govt verticals.


The tasks are nonetheless ours to persist at with accuracy and vigour. But it is obvious that any puritanical ideology, religious or secular, will exacerbate the natural, commonly existing situation, and be self defeating. There is no way we’ll have all good someday; the bad will forever remain in our midst.

It is inescapable hence that we all need to be capable of embracing both bad and good. The least we demand of bad people is to aspire to be good, to not harm any other by their persisting badness.

The Kaveri Water War

#Kaveri issue … is a complex one :
How did the SC adjucate, 15000 cusecs award to TN or reduced it to 12000 cusecs upon representation by Karnataka ?


Curiously, the SC found it fit to preface its reduced award with a sermon on obedience expected of people and how its solemn pronouncements should be considered sacred. The bases of its judgement in this instance should fill it with enough merit instead, to seem transparently equitable and just to people of both the states.

— One, Karnataka is both the upper riparian state and the state with river catchment areas at its origin. It therefore has a natural right over the Kaveri River waters.

— Tamilnadu is lower riparian state in need of Kaveri River water for drinking and agriculture — lifeline, in short — for large number of its people. It also has catchment areas from which water drains into the Kaveri River.

— A just award for water distribution would vary with the total flow into the River from catchment areas in Karnataka and those in TN. If, say, the total flow through Karnataka is very low, in a drought year, the natural right of its people, as being in an upper riparian state, would gain primacy over the right of people in TN.

So, a just award of distribution of waters must not be a single figure for all months and years but in the form of a table, listing the total flows of waters measured in the river, as recorded from catchment areas in Karnataka and TN respectively, over the months in an year and over the years during monsoon adequacy and deficient seasons. The award of waters to be released by Karnataka may then be determined in each case, in order to seem equitable enough to TN people and just enough to people in Karnataka.

God knows, how the SC of India has gone about in granting its award of Kaveri waters to TN. It needs measured facts of actual water flows to seem equitable and just. The nonchalant manner in which it decided to reduce its award from 15000 to 12000 cusecs, just upon reports of mayhem in Karnataka, makes it seem too adhoc, too lottery like. That isn’t a just pronouncement, solemn and sacred, but more like escapist tomfoolery played by minds under pressure, if you ask me.

Maya : Oh, Dear…

Oh, dear, what would we be without it ? Generations of Brahmn obsessed truth seekers have lampooned this “causal veil” even while breathing and eating, and doing oneself to life, by its fundamentally empowering effects.

Every initiate to Vedic practice is shown the ultimate to be achieved (realised) : Brahmn, the supremely pervasive substratum to all realities in our experience and being. And Maya is posited as the mother of all obstructions in the way.

Enter the philosophising intellectuals and the morphs harden in their sermons : Brahmn is the desired God and Maya the devilish Satan to be broken and shunned. This sense then enters our vocabulary, language and expressions of what is spiritually good and what is bad.

In a post- scientific age, the missionary mascots take stage to dwell on “frontiers” of science to impress upon us how new research reconfirms the sanatan saying, ” Brahmn satya, jagan mithya.” That is, Brahmn alone is truth, all else is not. The particle physicists go about presenting the God particle while the rest of us still unsure of that one which was Brahmn. Of course, Maya, fie upon her, we sing in chorus, remains the primary accused for everything that fails us from clarifying and fixing the truth absolutely.

Let me get off this ignorance, dark and deep, and join the commoners — the farmers, painters and musicians, the workers with immediacy in thought, and the historians who know the entire event-filled journey we have travelled. It doesn’t take much science for us to know that there is no blueness in the sky. That, in fact, all colours and smells, and sensed presence of things, are in the way our brain and nerves work, and our mind consequently feels and understands : to keep us alive and be.

It’s plain that both flowers and crap have no smell in them. But aren’t we glad to have this Maya effect within us that enables us to distinguish the two ? We would find every Maya effect similarly fundamental to our being; and yes, there is no Maya other than in its effects.

It is then plain : there is this being, Brahmn, and all things fundamental to our being, Maya. That is us. Which shall we choose, and how ? It is One.


The Hindu Will Prevail

I would anyday have a laugh at this thought that #Christians ot #Islamists save people from hell when they convert. Except that their seriousness is frightening, as they go about this Satan and angels fib on television or the rooh and Shaitan drama on Fiji radio. They actually believe the crap, see it as real in their mind, and hence sound so menacingly sincere when they are convincing others.

Religiously open countries like India must have laws mandating such sickness of mind as a curable condition, requiring expert counselling until patients are able to sense the everyday wonders of the living God within and without us.

What to do ? The developed world is mostly xtian and many poorer ones are islamic. The rollicking frollicking pagans are in a minority, in comparison, but bear the burden of showing to the conditioned brutes what love and freedom and beauty means to our universally karma priviledged selves.

That is, since we really cannot join them in the methods they adopt : propaganda and fear, mental and physical. All of the rest of us must live up to be examples of this way of life, in our blissful solitudes and loving togetherness with seasons and other people.

Which is not to advocate any complacency in buildup of our armed forces, who are trained to be selectively brutal and ruthless in defence against hordes emptied of reason.

Hail India ! The Hindu will prevail.


Your Lordships, Don’t Mess…

There is no sagacity in this Supreme Court judgement #Arunachal

Now governors are not to bother themselves in unsavoury, unethical, even horsetrading amongst elected reps.

Who will ? The answer is important because what happens amongst our elected reps gains headline space and affects the society, esp the youth.

This judgement has ruled over the institutional framework of Central oversight over happenings in states. What happens when there is rampant, excessive undemocratic behaviour that threatens the desired social norms and distort personal values ? The SC judgement says, do not worry… let it be.

I recall the recent judgement on disproportionate assets : it practically endorses corruption and wheeling dealing when the SC deems that mere having DA does not violate the law.

The Arunachal Pradesh judgement is the law. But there is no justice value in it; it is not just. It will not promote the rule of law as to encourage right political ways and social values.

This SC judgement makes for law without perspective. It has far reaching effect without the much needed farsight.

“Your Lordships, please don’t mess with our life,” appeals the Vox Populi.


Reality And The Sight For It

It isn’t easy to spot amid our own strong want. But there is a reality staring at us. We, on the other hand, are driven by what is on our mind, which is a consequence of our nurtured conditioning, hormonal flooding or psychological impression come overpoweringly to life. In each case, the concern is with our business for ourself.


Reality is of a totally different league : it can do without us, completely. If we feel compelled to relate with it situationally, we can do so only in terms bound to the situation itself. It is a situational vanilla before the man of action sheens it over with the light of his own goal or purpose and thoughtfully positions himself within it to act in order to intercede over the dynamics, such as to move and direct things towards his own aims.

This material reality is beyond the sight of people who are filled with their own willfulness, swayed by those short cycle intense emotions which seize us for unproductive satisfactions and disappear without a trace thereafter. These are the multitudes wedded to personal want, need or greed, who are without the capacity for a long lasting resolve, in the nurturing of which we are self empowered with focus, patience, critical sight and strategic orientation.

There is a reality greater, more pervasive, than the material or situational one. But who has the capacity for eternal resolve to strive for that ?


Writing And The Writer

At first, you write while you do not know how and desperately want to.

Then, you write because you know how to and want to write.

Do you ever pass into phase when you can but no longer want to ? That, not out of laziness or incapacity of any kind.

To most Westerners, the answer is an instant, “No.” You write until it pays, in cash or kind. The Easterner has a more sophisticated, complicated, values perspective if he or she is initiated into the art of accessing the layers of subtle phenomenal being within.

All of us are caught up in the unceasing whirls of psychological or psychical effects, whether we know it as such or not. Few live through its tides and enter the portal of causal space of their own being, their own self. They verge on the rarest of rare opportunity : of being a Grand Zero, bathed in absolute freedom.

They have no want. It is all beautifully exhausted, depleted to its own wonderful nothingness.

What do they then do : write or not ?
God alone knows.

Or maybe, even he does not !


The Existential Man : His Predictable End And Cues To His Near-Impossible Transcendence

“The Being closest to being the Being is being-in-itself.

Instead, existentialists wax upon the objectified being-for-itself.”

Those who have read Being And Nothingness or Nausea by Jean Paul Sartre, the great clinical exponent of existentialism as a philosophy most appropriate to human condition, would remember the freezing realisation of the man who has come looking for his friend to a restaurant : “Pierre is here.” It describes the emotional and mental emptiness of man, who seconds earlier was filled with anticipation and the pleasure of meeting another person — another being : a close companion, the way he was, the way he looked, and the way he related. The nothingness he experiences instead, upon finding that his friend is not there in the restaurant, freezes his being.

The book however does not deal with being-in-itself, except as a couple footnotes to the main text. It is still dealing with the being-for-itself, of man, which is where existentialism ends up at : nothingness and the futility of “man.”

But, I sense, that the subjectivity of being-for-itself is yet to be exhausted. The vital mind and the intellectual mind are its domains, and the experienced emptiness in them affects the being-for-itself. The being-for-itself is yet there, standing as it were, facing its own extension shrunk in form and content. However, what is the form and content of this being-for-itself ? That is the question which awaits our answer.
It is a simple experiment that shows something about the nature of this being-for-itself. It commences with our man standing in pitch black darkness of a new moon night, out there in open under the cloudy sky, without the security of the four walls, the illumination that electricity brings into our homes, or the diversions of modern-day gadgets. He stands still in the solidified darkness, unable to spot a feature or object his senses could engage with.

He is rather, completely taken aback by this peculiarly uniform expanse of undifferentiated formlessness in ‘view.’ He looks in it and sees nothing. That nothingness is however something quite, though wholly unfamiliar and unknown. It is trying in extreme, to say the least. There is nothing other than ‘fear’ within the self and disinterest for the monolith in which the man is buried.

What follows are prompts of the conscious entity within : the being-for-itself. Disinterest burdens the eyelids down to close, though sleep proper is farthest from reach on account of the unexplained ‘fear’ within. All manner of thoughts arise to replace the latter and occupy the dark domains, vital and mental. We choose one : a thought or a will to action, to fix the dangling for-object consciousness in the nature of the being-for-itself.
Whatever the fix, his choice is a distant second to that immediate urge to turn away and walk into the safety of illuminated space, the familiar world of objects and forms. Into the world of differentiated beings, in short. The dark, featureless environment rejects him as forcefully as he does the other. There is nothing to see there, nothing to reduce to being an object for the self. It is all completely ‘dark,’ one mammoth and unknown homogeniety that surrounds. What is one to do with it ? The intense flare up of the being-for-itself is found in that momentary inability to retreat into the safety of seeing, sizing, reacting, or doing; and, in the process, itself becoming an object-among-others that sees, sizes, reacts and does.

This then is the nature of the being-for-itself : reactive, reflecting its experience of the world, and an inevitable compulsion to reduce itself to becoming, and being, an object-among-others. The opposite nature — active, in-itself, lord unto self — would make one seem like mad, abnormal, propelled neither by the primordial need to survive nor by the everyday need to perpetuate and prosper. It is not the being-in-itself but, I suspect, could take the man close if he may be without the willfulness that is ‘naturally’ programmed to take over his being.

That liberation, freedom from the hold of will upon oneself, is the spiritual domain of our being-in-itself.

One Question, Please !

#AgreedNationalValues …

It troubles me no end to realise that ” WE The People ” of India cannot cite 10 values we espouse in common, derived from our shared nationhood. What are they, which our nationhood means or assures to each one of us ? We are intelligent people for sure; there are many who will draw up a list on their own and the rest would be able to choose their lot from a more consolidated form. But what are those 10 things we all agree upon in common, that are a matter of pride and priviledge which our distinct nationhood uniquely bestows upon us, which we in turn accept and grant to each other and to ourselves ?

I am thinking of a short document, corporate like : crisp, clear and unambiguous, in few words and perhaps 10 – 20 bulletted lines. Would it include our historical heritage, the non-ideological corner stones of the Sanatan way — the Ram Rajya ? Language, cultural and literary heritage ? Would it include some of those socialistic values that our Constitution makers definitely had in mind, which our second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri speaks of ? Wouldn’t it include the universal human rights and fundamental freedoms ? The habitat and environment ? Education, work, food and shelter ? Taxation ceiling ? Heroes ? Our diversity, cultural and anthropological ?

What are our Agreed National Values that we would distinguish ourselves at, individually and collectively ?

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