Wikipedia : The Rot It Carries

This article is being put up to highlight periodicals and magazines in West that concertedly peddle lies and half-truths, motivated distortions and outright propaganda, to cast India and its mainstream Indic people in bad light.

This one detailed, close investigation is about Wikipedia, its pages, its creators and moderators, and its systemic malprocesses to enter, monitor and modify information its pages carry. The facts revealed are eye opening, at least to me; they thoroughly discredit Wikipedia, its editors and its systems. I would no longer open its pages for any information I might need in future.

The endless string of violence that has gripped Delhi is one that cannot be seen in isolation. What started as protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (then Bill) and the National Registry for Citizens back in December, quickly morphed into anti-Hindu rants, violence and demonstrations all across the country. The Anti-Hindu Delhi riots are simply a manifestation of the aggression among Islamists that have been building up since then.

During the anti-Hindu riots, several horror stories emerged. That of Ankit Sharma who was murdered by Islamists, Dilwar Singh Negi whose hands and legs were chopped off before he was burnt alive, Ratan Lal, a police officer killed during duty or even the fact that Hindu women said that Muslim mobs in Chand Bagh forced their minor daughters to take off their clothes and were sent back home naked. While the international media and media propagandists in India maliciously started branding the Delhi anti-Hindu riots into an anti-Muslim pogrom, a useful tool in spreading the propaganda was Wikipedia.

During the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, there have been casualties from the Muslim side as well as expected in any conflict between two sides. However, the nature of a riot is meant to be established by the starting point of those riots, not what ensues later. By all evidence and measures, the Delhi riots were initiated by Islamists and the build-up lasted weeks.

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