India : Judiciary Must Not Arrogate Itself On People’s Back. The Govt Must Deliver On Our Constituted Road Map For The Future.

People have a connect with the Legislature, which can add to, subtract from, or amend the Constitution, and from which the Executive is drawn.

The Judiciary is appointed by the Executive and can be impeached out of office by the Legislature which, it is worth repeating, is accountable to the people of the land.

Why, then, does the Indian Judiciary arrogate itself upon people’s back ?

And, why doesn’t the Executive lead the affairs of this nation in accord with the constituted road-map the people have willed for their future ?

Truth Within, Shines Without

The country is again abuzz with wasteful foolishness in discussing pre-1947 “Hate Speech” laws, entrusting to the Supreme Court the power to adjucate in a matter that should properly be discussed and decided upon in the legislature.

To start with, the Government Of India should have long back reviewed, discussed and debated in Parliamentary Committees, and scrapped as a rule all pre-1947 British mandated colonial era laws, via appropriate Legislative Bill, except those few that still had law and order or justice dispensing value in the democratically vibrant society of post-independent India.

It fails my understanding why have the judges at all admitted the matter for their consideration, when Parliament is the proper forum for thrashing out the appropriateness, or not, of hate speech laws in Indian society today. It is not a matter of mere legalese or scoring vain debating points within closed doors, before a group of few know-all…

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