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Thank You -- Jun11, 2013

Dear Reader / Visitor,

Thank you for your interest and support all through !


Dear Reader - 17.04.2009 #25
(Photo credit: rockzoom_de)
English: Edinburgh Castle Evening sun emerges ...
Edinburgh Castle in evening sun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The pics below give an idea of works I happily engaged in recent past :



22 thoughts on “About

    1. I’m really a little overwhelmed with your kindness …

      Just that I am in the middle of something and will have to choose a later spot to savour the happiness.


  1. Being a scholar myself, I was very interested in reading a different version of Indian history. Unfortunately, seeing your comments and some of the posts was very disappointing. You obviously know very little about the basis of other religions as your presumptions are quite uneducated and shallow.
    As for your take on Indian history and it’s antiquity, these kinds of views are very common in almost every country – it’s called nationalism. It’s the same kind of shallow nationalism and centrism you see in Europe, the US, and in every little corner of this world. Everybody thinks they’re the oldest, the best, the most important and everybody thinks they’re right. That’s why there’s so much intolerance and violence in this world. Now you’re a part of it.

    1. Your “scholarly” post seemed like spam at first. But then I could see it was genuinely revealing of yourself — your projections of me, what I know and what I do not, your own frustrations about the history of your own land, culture and religion, your unsustainable pride of your own people and their achievements … and of being so ordinary in your own eye.

      Actually, there are no specifics in your post … so, properly speaking, it still amounts to being irrelevant if not spam.

      I’ve carried it here as an excellent example of its type and in the hope that it might yet draw criticisms that are indeed scholarly !

  2. ..you have a good blog here…i was going to follow it, but nothing personal…i decided against it, as wherever religion is discussed, i avoid that place! i grow so very weary discussing it…life is too short! carry on regardless however and good luck!

    1. Good luck to you too ! I understand.

      Its funny but most of the time I hear calls to oppose religions; and, at the same time, am mindful of the baby in the bathwater. So there I am and here is the blog.

      1. hehe! i understand where youre coming from, too! at least we can agree to disagree!
        religion is fine, if practised within a person’s 4 walls…when a person starts preaching to all and sundry, thats when it gets irksome!

  3. Vam, extremely well said “All is Brahman” and “The world is one family”! If this mental belief of yours becomes more than a belief, that is to say you really experience this Truth, then you will see the world differently, and, least said, you will be compassionate towards every thing.

    1. I do and I am 🙂

      Along with it, I am on guard against those who seek to disallow our diversity at growth and peace and force a monochrome belief on all people.

      That is what Islam and Christianity seek to bring about.

    1. I do oppose the Islamic belief system, not the person without that baggage. As men and women, and children, they work, study, laugh and cry… just like any human being anywhere.

      But Islam’s advent, the belief system…
      wherever it ventured through history or obtained power to rule,
      has left a trail of murder and death,
      destruction of native monuments,
      violence, terror, loot and rape,
      suppression of diversity of human thought and belief,
      of religious, educational, civil and democratic institutions,
      inferior civics and polity,
      lack of scientific temper and freedom of speech,
      sexual perversion,
      loss of universal values and creativity,
      absence of men with their own mind and capacity for critical thinking,
      drive to limit women’s liberty and power over their own lives…

      … in short, everything I would not welcome in my own country
      or desire for any other.

        1. Sharmishtha, that the view most “good” people find safe to hold. But there is something vulgarly static about it : the attitude is very passive and the belief is too uncritical. There are belief systems that cause violence, misery and unhappiness. And that needs to be opposed, even if we happen to live in safety.

          1. Vam, if what you say is true that “there are belief systems that cause violence” etc., implying Islam, then how do you explain Sri Ramakrishna having attained God through the practice of Islam? I agree with Sharmishtha that all religions are positive efforts towards upliftment; it is only some of the adherents that distort the Truth and cause violence, misery and unhappiness.

            1. Miranda, a sharp question ! Ramakrishna attained his own pure fulness everytime … whatever path he might have ( believed he ) followed.

              Islam, on historical evidence of what it became in practice, is dedicated to decimating everybody who believe in any “God” other than “Allah.”

              So too, Christianity, that sends out its hordes and money to convert all those pantheists and panentheists who, they regard, are in darkness.

              To me, these are not personal errors. It is the abominal belief-system that is driven and drives this utter ignorance, this rigorous non-acceptance of diversity of human beliefs on the planet. ” All this is Brahman ” and ” The world is one family ” … these alone are expressions of belief that is sustainable in truth, in truth !

  4. Welcome to the blogging world, Vam. You are off to a brilliant start. As I have had many of my most inspiring dialogues with you here on the web, I will now look forward to reading you here.
    Very truly yours,

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