Get A Dollar Back…

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releasing for sale on Nov 19,
can be availed with a single click here.

The book is priced at US $9.99.

It has about 83,000 words.

Buyers in Mexico, Brazil and India can buy it at about half the price. That is, for those who are resident there and will pay in their national correncies. Or, I guess, if you happen to be a member of the expatriate community residing in those countries.


I suspect there are errors in the book that I may have missed despite checking through the script a dozen times.

I want them reported to me by readers who spot one.

The rest is simple : let me know of the error you spot at my email id :

A reader who reports of one error would receive a dollar back. He could report upto three and get back upto three US dollars !

There is just one condition : Each error would be paid only once. That is, it would be on “first report, gets paid” basis.

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