The Ideal And The Reality

All things considered, to reduce life to a play about your ideal is the best romantic thing to do : trying to harmonise your life as it is with the ideal or to elevate your life to how the ideal. If you have not yet caught on the real thing about yourself and your life, it might be worth engaging with the romance of holding a perfection to yourself, and try.

My criticism is neither of the ideal nor of the romantic engagement with it. It is the best, as I’ve said, until you catch on the reality of your being here and now. It comprises of truth values waiting to be discovered because you are oriented away from them. They are behind you, as you face the world and your life within it. The reality, waiting to be discovered, is the truth and your self that is filled with it.

I need to make this essay short for paucity of time and restrict this discussion to the nature of two orientations : one towards the world and the other towards your truth. The ideal and our romance with it has a possible role in reorienting ourself from one to the other. That would be use enough for retaining an ideal in our life.

What are our truth values ?

What is the nature of the journey in truth, after we have reoriented ourself towards our truth values, is a long presentation. It is being offered in a four-part series introduced on

The first part is published as an ebook and is available at

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