Journal : India, My Readers, And My Work…Life’s Full !

Yes, as we move into the autumnal world of golden sunshine, in between pourings of the receding monsoons, its quicker evenings and shorter days, I have been occupied with work. The roller coasting weather through the summer and rains, and now as we enter the festive season, fills me with that sense of privilege I have while I am in conversation with life. It is wonderful and happy. Period.

Oh, I hear the grating opposition in politics everywhere, the climate callers, PETA and femlibbers, public howlers upon every act of human failure, the Left sliding south through its war against mainstream commoners… Ah, I hear all that all the time and yet, despite empathies where it merits, I see no cause to cook myself in any buzzing outrage or in occasionally roaring exhilaration.

This is what living in India today means to me, four years after May 2014 : a privilege, wonderment, hope and happiness. People have their weals and woes, imperfections rule, fraudsters and criminals are still active, violaters of women’s dignity and ordinary folks have their way…even while we have in office a government that is works.

It is clearly thwarted from several directions, by people who contribute little and destroy much : vacuously boiling political opposition, left ecosystem and urban naxals, misgoverning regional satraps, ivory tower judiciary, precultured self-servers in scores of diversely identified communities and bureaucratic groups of one kind or other. I take it all as the 2018 normal, layered over the gamut of classic aberrations that humans naturally secrete. It is not going away in a hurry and I suffer along with others.

But that does not prevent me from choosing to look at the admirable works of this government around me and feel the flutter of gladness and hope in my heart. I will elect them again and again, despite the dissatisfactions they leave me with from time to time.


I am putting up this post after a while and there is much on my mind : you, me, my work, India, China, Islam, Taiwan and Pakistan.

I just got the first thing in the list gush out and now, to you dear Reader : Thank You ! There are enough of you in India and very many in places I have never visited, including some I know very little about. The feeling associated with that awareness, of you on practically the entire planet, is indescribable.

Keep safe. Choose happiness. Pursue prosperity. Hatred for US President Trump is an irrational thing in the face of performance data and economic indices and success of this administration’s honest initiatives in managing global hotspots.

India is surrounded by countries that are populous, weak or poor, mis- or in-adequately managed, which leaves vulnerable to China’s “win or lose” influences. The country has friends in the West and beyond, in East and Southeast. One nation it has long time but low key association with is Taiwan. Their delegations are alway dubbed as cultural or trade and business but not political because of fierce Chinese hegemonistic policy that is acknowledged and globally ceded to.

I find Taiwanese culturally mature, innovative and industrious. They are great people to have as friends and there is no reason why the diversity they present should not be embraced and allowed to flourish. I hope India gives them something to smile, strengthen and cheer up.

China is a nation fronted by the Communist Party, quite as Pakistan is one that is backseat driven by the military. They both keep their people on the margins, screened and used or misused. In China, they have created a shining facade over censorious armed battalions, ready to strike. Its administrators abhor diversity. It administrators fear people who live and think or believe differently. To them Islamic, Christian and Buddhist ways are illnesses that need to be cured. Subscribers to these religions are repressed in order to suppress and discourage their viability within the Chinese State-managed society. Even considering that Muslim and Christian proselytising ambitions do queer and skew the neighbourhoods in unpleasant and rather unacceptable ways, acts of violence against them will only make the bugs mutate and turn up their resistance.

Pakistan is a theocratic state and does even worse to non Muslim residents in the country. It needs an IMF bailout fir the umpteenth time. China might already entered an impoding spiral of its own, with banks and institutional NPAs amounting to trillions of US dollars while its debt trapping assistance to other countries has still a long way to go. For both Pakistan and China, Trump afministration policies might end up placing the last straw on the camel’s back. That would be tragic overall with disastrous fallouts across their borders.


The first cut of my work, SORO USHA – A Millennial Work, is over. The second, finish round is now on. It is a long and tedious job that might not end before December-end this year. I am aiming to reduce the number of pages and improve its readability, especially considering its subject matter.

Please visit the Work focused site @ for extracts I have posted. It will the place where the pre-order and ebook publishing will be be announced after the marketing plan is etched.

Thank you for keeping up and the patience.

PS : Incidentally, the Work at first had 200.000 words in 700 pages, which now trimmed to 155.000 and 600 now.

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