My, My ! This Blog…

Looking into the stats pages of this blog, I am thoughtful… over 850 posts, close to 170,000 views by about 111,000 visitors, without commensurate likes and comments. None of which makes any difference to how I relate with this blog’s presence in the web world.

There are just two impressions that arise when I think on the phenomenal matter : one, an average of about 70 views the blog attracts everyday; and, two, I have practically exhausted the drives with which I wrote every other day on topics ranging from eternal matters to timely issues. The posts which are most viewed on any random day are never the most recent; they are old, from as early as 2012, the second year after the blog’s start.

Am I exhausted ? Hell, no. It is my drives that pushed me to post on the blog have. I still write but mostly in a book that never seems to end. I am in no hurry to see its published form, quite as I have never had the least interest in making the blog more popular than it is or making it pay for the effort it took from me. The blog is fine as it is and the book is too, even in its unfinished state. The only rush I feel is on account of my rapidly approaching moment of final departure. But, well…  err… ahem… It is so damned fine right now !

One of the most satisfying aspect of this blog, as in a kid’s delight, is its reach. It has a reader in practically every country on earth ! Now that is something. Yeah, this sense of the connect I then have…whoa. Like, when earth peaks up and breaches into the sky !



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