These Are Heartwarming !.

I’ve written “In Trump I Trust.” Many do not. I have no problem with them provided they are civil about it and do not peddle proppaganda, lies and half truths, in their desperation to convert others. Robert De Niro was not civil in his speech at Tony’s; he was drunk and his opposition to the US Prez in office was all passion, without any truth.

Trump has trumped over Kim Jong during his summit meeting in Singapore. His success is stunningly tall by far : North Korea has agreed to denuclearise. Yes, denuclearise ! All Trump gave in return was sucurity guarantees and cancellation of war games with South Korea. Considering that Obama regime had supplied arms to AlQaida, through Hillary Clinton foreign office channels to rebels at Benghazi in Libya, Trump’s success seems as sublime as Obama’s was vile.

Two reports from India are as heart warming : one, the central banker Urijit Patel’s firm and clear stand before Parliament panel on Nirav Modi scam and, two, Soumya Swaminathan’s blunt refusal to play in Iran. Patel made no bones about the responsibility that Public Sector Banks, such as PNB, had in ensuring good governance and preventing $ 2 billion scams through its branches. It also pins the failures squarely on the finance ministry of the Federal Govt, which owns and manages the enterprises. “RBI cannot audit a hundred thousand bank branches in the country,” Patel said. He also said, the central bank had no power to appoint and remove bank chiefs nor of summoning or superceding their Boards. Nothing could have stated the hazy and muggy state of affairs in public sector banks and in the union government’s oversight of their management. Patel put the accountability where it appropriately belongs : the authority !

Soumya’s refusal to play chess in “headscarved” Islamic is a victory of global free spirited women over the abominy which prevails in Khomeni’s Iran. It is not the first, too, from India. Earlier, Shooter Hina Sidhu had also turned down an opportunity to participate in a prestigeous international event in Tehran.

Compared to the lizzy bizzy feminists in the West, or suave English-speaking West-styled rights and entitlements screaming females in India, Soumya’s clear stand shines the warmth in my heart notwithstanding her loss of an important occasion as a sportswoman. Her solidarity with hundreds of thousand of Iranian women, protesting against oppressive ways of the Islamic regime, glows in its own firmness.

What a heartwarming day, indeed !



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