In Trump I Trust

Now that may seem too into-the-face, especially to all the left liberal and logical people I see and hear around me. Let me submit three sound byte images that are currently in air.

1  The US as piggy bank… that the world has gotten used to for robbing from, while singing peans in praise of “American leadership.” Trump has declared that this status quo is unacceptable. There are voluminous data to prove the fact thAt this indeed is the case : most advanced and big national economies have maintained deficits of trade balance in their favour, even while imposing protectionist tarriffs on imports from the US and making use of generous country specific quotas allotted by the “leader” to let in their goods and services and flood its own markets.

I believe, Trump is right in disallowing this continuity hereafter. The other national economies derive tangible economic benefits while conceding vain glory to the “free world leader.” The US has had an excessively mismamanaged economy for, despite those ‘decent’ looking parameters during the Clinton regime. Its debt has soared and its GDP growth has floundered. Its exports, barring defence and armaments, has shrunk. In real terms, the US economy may have descended more into the Russian mould than into the surging Chinese economic diversity.

It is time, the US leadership took remedial steps to take its economy back into the vigor, strength and stability. The leaking vessel needs to mended. The recent Chinese hacking out of over 600 GB of naval undersea warfare data is just emblematic of countries adding value to their economy through cheating and thievery, from other’s investment and hard work.

2  Admitting Russia back into G-7 group of nations… is a sound diplomatic decision, despite the Europeans’bravado of “expelling” the US itself from the group. There isn’t much to this matter except Trump’s ability to listen to himself : Russia is not only an important country economically and by its huge geographical mass, it adds the crucial diversity to the viewpoints and experiences the Group summits must take up for their consideration.

The G-7 jamboorie must stop being just a linear exercise of routine, of merely giving their leaders visibility on world stage and backslapping each other, and of fortifying their domestic positions through PR mileage. The Group must consider things concrete and redress pressing global issues, including those pertinent to their own members. Russia is a global energy giant, has the power to intervene and upset the security of Europe and has suffered economic sanctions on issues that could be better addressed in the Group. Why shouldn’t the country be a part of it ?

3  The North Korean summit tomorrow… On a very dangerous and regionally destabilising matter that has festered for two decades now, Trump says he will make his own jugement within the first one minute of his meeting with North Korean president. If the latter doesn’t seem sincere, Trump says, he wgo any further and will refuse to waste his time on the exercise.

Nothing else could send a clearer message to President Kim. I will, Trump is saying, if you seriously and sincerely want it. But, that, he is neither as gullible nor foolish nor selfishly motivated as his predecessors have been.

It is important to remember, Trump has succeeded in bringing the defiant and reclusive North Korean dictator to the negotiating table where others had failed.

In Trump I trust because he says things that he means.


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