Strategic Stoop To Conquer…

I do not agree with Buddhist idealism : winning is not important; cooperate, not compete; et al. Not per se but because of the presumed universality embedded in the call, in a world that wafts out its reality clearly, unambiguously. The real challenge is in bringing the ideal out of its labelled isolation and weaving it in the warp and woof of the real world life, hueing it practically with compassion and mindfulness.

Stooping to conquer is a clever strategy that I recently found acceptable while refuting the argument of a very friendly person online. Giving a piece of my mind was not a part of it; showing the shortcoming of his argument, at its origin, was. The entire conversation was sandwiched between thanks and a quick retreat, without crossing out the merit of his thought or provoking his sense of honour. It was practically ideal.

I am far from being saucy about things, and still farther from praising myself. It is just a choice available to everyone, best in certain situations when going head on would least likely lead to alround satisfying result. I might still choose the bloody way if the values involved merit the situation. But I surely would want that to be rare. As a strategy, stooping to conquer is a good means to adopt more frequently, for most satisfying effect.

That is, if you can employ it in a manner which is free of any desire to please or appease. Stoop to conquer, sure !


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