Primary 21st Century Beware !

Of all the propaganda we are surrounded in. The art of dressing up a lie or half truth was mastered in the last century in Europe by colonialists, communists and the fascist-socialists. It was then perfected by the advertising industry and, lastly, by the media in print and on air.

This century must rouse the people to sharpen their discriminative faculty and expand their intuitive capacity to see through those well-dressed lies and convincing suaveness with which half truths are presented by politicians, religionists, businesses, criminals, rapists and frauds, and mediamen everywhere.

One of primary need on our part would be our agileness at totally suspending at our own gullibility, to start. The rest would be cultivating habits to employ methods to discern evidence of lies in all that we see and hear, and are being made to believe. The mal intent will definitely show; but the point is : when, after you’ve been the victim or before ? So BEWARE, everybody.



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