The Die Cast In Enmity

Speak not of fears, yours or mine

Nor of the future verging on mind

Let’s step back just, hold our silence

And let all pass, away and over far

Before we look at it, now free and unafraid

Without future or past and wonder at last

On this one raging want since the die is cast.


The die is cast, determination locked

Right or wrong, to surge by the day.

There is no foam, nothing fluffy here

Just the wanting every moment

To hit hard where it hurts.

It’s a gift received of deep pain within

That must rebound back to you, for me

To let go of this breath

I have held for too long

And blow all its fire

Upon your face melting.

Sleep well, my enemy, the die is cast

Determination locked to unleash upon you

Tonnes of dark, biting, whorling storm

Of exterminating misery gathered in my heart.

I do not remember the context.

But the expression rings true

While waiting

For justice to be served.


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