Three Pics & Vedanta

This Brings A World To Mind



The objective – subjective idealistic conflict presents an interesting thought but does not go far enough. The first part roots for the thing as it is; the second is all that we understand of it. One echoes the saying, did the tree fall make a noise, without anybody there to hear it ? The other’s reply is unequivocal : no mater what else we observe or measure, we do not really know if there was a sound when it was not heard. The true sceptic is certain moreover : nothing is really known or knowable either way; we not only interpret the object to our senses but we do so allowing full play to our biases, prejudice and inclinations.

But there is more to the story. We ourselves are qualified and conditioned at any point in time by the interpretation then prevailing in our mind.

And the cycle repeats itself a million times…no matter who initiates the discussion or what it might be occasioned by !

Science is determined to not leave things at that. It says, it will define the object truly, in its own constitution and by its own attributes.

Vedanta aims differently, diametrically oppositely : it says, let the interprepations go and witness your own unqualified, unconditioned self. Theoretically, then, the object will reflect in the mind, as it is, without any interpretation.

Just sharing… Do as you may !


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