Forget Identity And Ideology…Vote #BJP For Pragmatic Reasons !

Will those who hold anti encumbancy sentiments against Modi or BJP or wax eloquent on left-liberal placard values and “save democracy” concerns, or have laid back support for gentlemen economist Manmohan Singh and that RBI star rocker governor RRR, explain this 27% fall in the value of ₹ between May and August in 2013 ?

You will be hopping mad with anger if you have a hang of its huge effects on the country’s foriegn currency debt and its repayments and surge in our balance of payments costs ? It was a crisis proper that caused the national economy to be categorised among the “fragile five.” And, it boosted the ₹ value of dollar money stashed abroad without criminals having to even move their little fingers !

It is one conspired event, amongst many perpetrated by corrupt non-BJP politicians in power, in which India and its people lost heavily and looters, antinationals and criminal tax evaders gained windfalls.

I recently read the views of some very “bhadralok” IITians who, true to their antecedents as slaves and sycophants to successive rulers — British, Congis, Commies and now terror embracing Didi, opining glibly in their talk shop and running down the current NDA Govt mostly in secularism and pluralism terms and in their felt notions of faux economic performance. Their unawareness was appalling and their shallow views shamed me no end. But I am know they are not the only unsuspecting wise men in the country who have little understanding of how multipronged Break-India programs are working 24/7 around them in various guises : economic, political, academic, media, secularist, leftist, feminist, freedom nazis, et al.

For me, quite frankly, the illiterate man in the street who votes BJP into power is a better, more valuable countryman that all these educated morons glutted on their little monies and puny status, good food and drinks, and their parochial thought world.

I wish we all asked the all-important question :

“Who will protect the nation’s wealth and relentlessly further our people’s interests ?”

BJP-led NDA coalition is the only answer, as of now.


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