How Dharma Survived The Killing Vileness Of Christianity And Barbarism Of Islam

Remembering experiences in our history, of the sword of #Islam and the noose of Christian clan, whatever else be their name or hue…is the sombre duty of the mainstream people of India. There is no other way for the modern day Indian to understand the miraculous survival of the Hindu way of life, while their land was occupied by barbarian flag bearers of Islam for centuries, a hundred years of equally humiliating and torturous treatment under Portuguese rulers that early backed the Inquisition regime in territorial pockets along the west coast of the subcontinent, and two centuries of British colonial sway that brought in hordes of Christian missionaries, career priests and Church officials, to shoulder the “white man’s burden” in these parts and convert the natives to Biblical narratives and English education.

There are hundreds of individuals in every region of this sub Himalayan landmass who stood up against these attempts at stripping the native populations of their spiritual roots and cultural heritage, some of whom won and reflected their glory back upon the people and others who shone brilliantly in their defeat to set examples for others to keep courage and remain steadfast : Vijaynagar founders Travancore kings in South, the Chandels of Central India, leaders of the Bhakti movement, warring chiefs of Gujarat and Rajasthan provinces, tribal chieftains of hills in North, East and North-East India, the chaste women braves of Malwa and Mewar, the unyielding Maharana Pratap, assertive Sikh Gurus and the last two in particular, clever Shivaji Maharaj and his Maratha heirs, the wily Chhatrasaal, numerous rebels and heroes of 1857 uprising, Swami Dayanand and Vivekananda, scores of freedom fighters on Indian soil such as Tilak and Sri Aurobindo, many others who rallied abroad,  several dozens of revolutionaries like Azad and Bhagat Singh, Kshudiram and Subhas Bose, and hundreds of thousand of local leaders of men who opposed the coercive aliens, refused to give in or give up, and finally reclaimed their right to live their ways of life in a free nation.

Here is a less well known instance of Hindu resistance that seems stupendous today, comparable to how Guru Teg Bahadur faced the same tyrant and met his end with towering conviction :


via Aurangzeb : The Vile Muslim


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