The Mammoth Story – To History

This mammoth is dead for thousands of years when our story begins. Back then, when it happened, its body was instantly deep-frozen. Millennia later, when found in the Siberian permafrost region, its body tissue was so well preserved that the sledge dogs eagerly fed on it.

Autopsy reports said the mammoth had plants in its stomach undigested and very well preserved by the subzero temperatures, and some was still in its mouth. These plants were of subtropical kind and did not exist in Siberia as we have it today. It remained a riddle, unsolved for long : surely, the mammoth was in a subtropical region, the kind that presently prevails in Northern India, South-east China and Central Asia, which have cool winters with little or no frost and perceptibly warm summers. And, if the mammoth lived in a subtropical climate, how come it was deep-frozen so quickly as to not decompose even a little ?

Those in Siberia, who grappled with puzzle, wondered where this huge animal found food enough to live on in the region where the carcass was found, in so cold a climate that permitted little vegetation and was mostly barren. The only plausible explanantion was that the mammoth indeed roamed in subtropical clime but was subjected to rapid change in ambience that froze it to death. Unbelievably rapid, we have to admit, for signs of start of decomposition would be evident even upon a day’s exposure to temperatures above 8 degree centigrade, as would be common in regions above the tropic in northern hemisphere.

The convergence of likely happenings was still dumbfounding. What or how did it actually happen ? How was it that the mammoth was in south-east China, say, and was transported to Siberia within a matter of hours ? Or, that the region had a subtropical climate and transformed into an arctic one within a day ? The absence of least decomposition was just incompitible with the subtropical vegetation stuck in its mouth. It made any expansion of the mammoth’s story utterly controversial.

That is when cataclysmic evolutionists stepped up and made this mammoth a part of their main argument. Which was of course overlooked and denied for long. The suggestion was considered too dramatic to accept : the drastic change of climate pointed to something unthinkable, cataclysmic, that had shifted shifted the climatic zones over a quarter of the globe. It implied that the location of the poles too had shifted by equal measure. And it must have happened in an instant, so to speak. Nothing in our orthodox scientific understanding could suggest an alternate explanation to the mammoth phenomenon, came to be dated about 12,000 years BP, coinciding with the last Ice Age.

Further studies have established that indeed there were many ice ages, almost with periodic certainty, in the course of our planet’s history. What remained to be discovered were the scientific facts behind the regular event.

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