The Last Bit Of Dignity

The world has since bundled its essence in money.

Men of the world make money because they must, to make living with dignity possible; and they make money easily who learn early enough not to be too honest.

Unfortunately, and very curiously, a man’s last bit of dignity is sacrificed, bartered away, every time he deems the way too honest before choosing one of the many other practical ones.

The case with a spiritual man is different. Every time he intends or does, he will not feel honest enough without being too honest.

That last bit of dignity, saved and valued to the last, lends a glorious presence to the spiritual man.


One thought on “The Last Bit Of Dignity

  1. the thought keeps coming to mind the story of Moses and the golden calf.. in todays world the legendary Golden Calf is known as “Capitalism” and its legendary ‘Gospel of Prosperity’ .. and the only thing that matters is Profit.. at any cost moral ot other wise..
    just thinking knowing the thought is not fully developed..
    Time to return to the stillness snd silence.

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