India And Its Kasganjs

Recent investigation update have picked the suspects for killing and rioting in Muslim dominated Kasganj, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. They are Muslims.

We have several examples of such instances in Muslim majority areas in Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala, Bihar, Assam, Gujarat, Telengana and, of course, Uttar Pradesh. The occasions for such mayhem may be varied but the consequences everytime are similar : rioting, rape, beating and murder. Terror, in short, in the hearts of non-Muslims residing in or passing through the areas And the cause was common : beliefs, values and the way of life Muslims follow, led by clerics whose life perspective is wound around Islam as an identity. Most of them are also vocal about it in their Friday sermons and almost all of them are staunch ‘religious’ advocates of culling cattle compulsorily for food, child marriage, prostitution through short term conjugal contracts, and Halala sex. For the rest, they think on behalf of the community and issue advisory fatwas on every issue under the sun, personal and social, which the people are obliged to heed.

There are many kasganjs in India. The community identity among Muslims seems harmless at first, quite as part of a welcome diversity, until it seamlessly morphs as if programmed into cleric clamour for a separate Muslim nation or state, in community dominated areas. If there is a mainstream fabric spread across the country, the kasganjs I speak of are intolerant no-go zones, as so many hell holes in it.

The whole Muslim phenomena in India is a dangerous and intractable problem for the nation. It is found on Islam, a pseudo religion with political community-exclusive goals. There are no other aims that the community recognises, for the wider population or the nation as a constituted state. They have little respect and regard for laws of the land, which the government is oath bound to enforce, nor for the constitution guaranteed freedoms that the judiciary is tasked to protect.

The kasganj problem is not unknown to this country. The separate nationhood narrative is reminiscent of one that was set up a hundred years before, which led to the rise of Muslim League and to the country’s partition in 1947. No wonder Pakistan, the breakaway fraction, is stoking and actively supporting the present day Muslim community ghettoes and calls from there for similar separation from the mainstream. It is problem that requires due deliberation for an extended solution strategy, agreed upon by the nation’s executive and judicial leadership and vetted by our legislatures, and wisely propagated to bring all mainstream citizens on board.

I leave the matter with a speech herebelow by India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for those who may appreciate the vernacular language.


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