The RigVedic World…

There is a real world behind the sacred hymns of the Rig Veda. The entire mystery of that pre-historic setting in which the Vedic civilisation flourished is hinged on identifying the people, titles and personalities referred to in the Rig Veda… with a geographical reference to the community or clan who divined it… the Purus, celebrated in the epic Mahabharata. That certainty and the method that helps us to arrive at it would enable us to lift the historical pall over the period, on the people on its stage, the happenings within the communities and events involving them.

This demands a critical review of study reports and research papers on the subject, and a measure of serious scholarship to appreciate the historically relevant evidence etched in the Vedic age compilation. The entire line of research, reasoning and analysis adopted by the author, Shrikant G Talageri, and the truths he discovers for us, is miraculously in harmony with facts little understood previously by mainstream scholars and historians in the West. The conclusions are uncovered to us through an engaging discourse, with a methodical thoroughness that enthralls and revelations that seem both magical and exhilarating.

The crucial question about the original habitat of Indo-Aryans, whether it was in Central Asia as commonly concluded and taught all over or in India which the hymns have in their background, is always open in the absence any evidence in support of the widely accepted theory. Let us look into the Rig Veda itself for authentic clues as opposed to the surmises on which the Aryan and non-Aryan myth and the Aryan Invasion theory is perpetuated.

Read the entire text researched story here.



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