Judiciary : Tying Itself In Knots

Look at this : order, reviewing its order, re-reviewing its reviewed order… when we do not understand enough.


It means that the supreme justices do not understand the merits of the matter or the locus standi of the law in its context, be it the LGBT or national anthem issue. It is getting more ideological than being “just.” These are situational matters and are hence best handled by the executive and the legislature than by judiciary. There is no need, in the first place, to invoke rights and freedoms all the time and underpin every social practice or personal situation with the legal lever. In such matters, judicial iterations signal the greater pointlessness of legal exercise than an urgent point for law.

Rather than tying our polity into knots, the supreme court of law must ask for help, from the executive or the legislature. There ought to be a more practical way of dealing with such issues than wasting precious time of the pendancy saddled judicial courts.

Maybe, the supreme justices must wizen themselves with a refresher course on Deming’s thought : reduce the must-do-s to just a few things and apply rigorously to ensure the delivery of those few. The world has benefited by this sagacious principle; it’s time the judiciary did, too.


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