Will A Real Exposure Of Vatican’s Hypocrisy And Sham Religious Posturing Start From Down Under ?

It’s a tragedy that has been happening since over a millennium now : predatory sexual assaults, child sex abuse and nun ravages in millions of Church establishments across the world.

I reckon about 95% of these crimes behind the garb of venerableness and dressed up piety does not even come to light. But revelations of extreme misery and lasting trauma of victims of those reported inform us of the nature and extent of crimes that are nurtured by the failed leadership of frocked appointees and protected by declaredly pious institutions operating under Vatican’s global umbrella.

The conclusion is simple but terse : people across the world — urban, rural and remote — need protection from sexual predators among “very Christian” crowds of Vatican’s massive global army of church officials, priests and pastors, and christian missionary hordes funded, equipped and sent abroad its hundreds of Orders and institutions to convert people with perfect spiritual health. They might be diversely stressed by existential vagaries but do not need another social and personal trauma that conversion pulls them into and then keeps them perpetually bound.

It is a rare focus of this Australian Commission on this hypocritical and sham ‘celibacy’ made compulsory under vow by Catholic Church. These men and women of clay, with same hunger, thirst and sense organs as of any other among the laity, are called upon to abide in an unreal realm, qualified by fake godliness and false piety. It takes little then to break this bubble because its a real world they interact with : women with lips and breasts, and vagina, and children whose innocence are easy to plunder and ravage.

Maybe, this would be a real start; beyond the not so funny ‘settlements’ that Church has thus far dealt with exposure, all out of money donated by people of the same victimised communities.



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