Adjudicating Jackal In Sheep Skin

I do not trust the “activist” judiciary and I want the country’s #CJI to know. No, sir, nothing, nothing, should prompt you to misuse your priviledged power and ingress or encroach upon the Executive domain. Not even the “inactivism” of the executuve and bureaucracy, you proffer in defense of your cheap, unbridled ambition to be what you are not — an extra constitutional governing limb in the show.

You, sir, were never meant to be that, not on your appointment, and not by your instituted foundational belief firmament.


The nation’s Executive bears the responsibility of managing the nation’s affairs, by constitutionally instituted people’s mandate. You, CJI, can only dwell upon the right or wrong of their action and inaction, and pronounce corrections to orient it along direction by constituted law of the land.

Your current stance seems motivated, ulterior and malafide, when we recall how silent you have been towards Sonia Gandhi’s extra constitutional usurpation of power, through her NAC, and through those ten long years of mega scams and well documented “policy paralysis” of UPA govt. That was indeed the era of “inactivism” you lamely fling for public consumption today.

Your decision seems even more ludicrous when there is evidence galore of your institution’s plain ineptitude at delivering on your primary responsibility : affordable justice to people, simplification of law, accountability to your constitutional mandate, and in-time dispensation of redressal of injustice experienced by common citizens.

We remember your outright rejection of the NJAC law that sought to make you accountable. And we remember your recent decision to block setting up of an invesgitative panel to probe pervasive corruption in judiciary, especially prevalent in superior courts.

There is a beam in your eye, sir.
Let’s not talk of flaws of a government that is now hard at work.

It has our trust, not you.


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