Maybe, The World Needs To Allow Trump’s Jerusalem Plan

Trump’s decision on Jerusalem is disruptive. It breaks ranks from a status quo through decades that has done nothing except half installing a state afloat on donations and perpetuate religious wars of the direct and other kinds.

Every ME nation has found traction in this heavily funded status quo, fueling turf conflicts, experimental battles, conjuring state positions where there were none, and entrenching those lies and religious rabidity. Bigger powers have joined in the peculiarly fertile emotional trails to animosity because the consequences have been so ghastly and solutions have been made to seem impossibly complicated.

Maybe, the world needs to allow Trump’s plan. It has been opposed by almost every quarter because, it seems, they each suspect that it might just about succeed in putting the satanic genie back into nowhere, the never to be found again bottle.

Palestinians, as a people, have proved horribly inadequate at raising a state for themselves, setting themselves to work, and building up an economy that serves them and the world about. Maybe, they just need to vacate the area in favour of an enclave in Saudi Arabia and other “Muslim” and “Islamic” countries and get to living, being and doing what good humans everywhere do. They haven’t made the area any better, prosperous and peaceful, since they got their autonomy decades ago. As Trump says, peace in Palestine, and in Middle East overall, is as far from the horizon as it was when he was a kid.

The Palestine people, it seems to me, have simply gotten too used to conflicting constantly and are now totally addicted to easy aid and grants. In any family, such behaviour would be construed as irresponsible conduct and plain incompetence.

I hence believe that all diplomatic diarrheal ideation must stop and pen pushed faux liberal banners must be lowered for a long while, please.

Below : Night time Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem



2 thoughts on “Maybe, The World Needs To Allow Trump’s Jerusalem Plan

    1. Yes, it is.
      I was reminded on FB of an earlier post about a Gitmo release who went on th head AlQaida in Yemen. There are such instances, which I feel are more serious criminal lapses on part of Prez Obama than anything Pez Trump has done.

      On Jerusalem, I just do not understand why a city that is clearly a Jewish religious town since millennia before Islam was even whiffed, and several generations preceding its first followers were even born, is being disputed about !

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