Bengal Revolutionaries : Their Secret Oath

“In the name of the great leaders, the God-sent apostles, I do (hereby) swear.


  1. “That from to-day I take up the task of setting up Dharma Rajya in India by removing and doing away with all obstacle, I do (hereby) offer my life to achieve this end.
  2. “That I shall not care for those that are against this aim and Dharma (religion), be they swadeshi or foreigner.
  3. “That I shall not do anything that is opposed to the aims of our mandali(community).
  4. “That I shall bow down and carry out all orders of the leaders of the mandali.
  5. “That I shall never disclose the secret orders and resolutions of the mandali at the sacrifice of my life.
  6. “That I shall bear all difficulties without being moved and run at the sacrifice of whatever I have — wealth, life, honour, reputation. I shall do my duty in regard to you.
  7. “That if any way I dishonour or break this vow, let the curses of the great patriots, ancestors, and of God that knows the heart soon overtake and destroy me.”

16th May 1908.

via Bengal Revolutionaries : Their Secret Oath


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