UPA Years Compare With Emergency Months In Their Repugnance

…by public despair and horror they caused and, looking back now, on account of sharing much of the same effects if not their causal reasons. They both spell tall why the two should never be allowed to happen again !

The anguished mind took to Twitter with a vengeance, to inform and connect with fellow twitterati. On Dec 06, 2011, I listed my tweets on this blog, and then again a few days later. That urgency about the quality of governance, as it then prevailed, spilled over to Quora, the newly launched social media platform for, excuse me, “intelligent and thinking” people.

Such was the constancy of my preoccupation with the governance quality dished out to public during UPA years that the same Quora post, brought to this blog in May 2012, was again put up here a year later. It was gather public attention to our grave common plight, the severe shortchanging then being bogged over us and the nation’s treasury literally being bypassed of its revenue, serruptitiously bagged away instead to vaults abroad and into personal coffers.

The blog pages linked in the write above may hold a dubious historical value but, I can confirm, they are authentic diary entries of a watchful common citizen who was anxiously eager — extremely, almost desperately — to see the country’s governance take a new turn for the better.

This blogpost would be of interest to the millennials among us, the strapping 17 — 20 year olds, who do not much appreciate the fervour behind our #CongressMuktBharat calls and are just well placed post May-2014 upon BJP’s resurgence, NDA’s governance and PM Modi’s leadership at the helm of nation’s affairs.

Remember. Never forgive. Never forget.



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