The Rebel Heart

O my days ! they pass in bits and parts

And nights availed in pieces and shreds.

Heaven’s cover on us accords

How we be, in life endowed.

I’ve wanted long to know this heart

And heard it snigger upon each shot

Like a freer loud to my failure again

Life’s rout, loss, out shut and tamed.

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What care I though, of these defeats

Their potshots and attacks oblique ?

Move I must, walk on and keep

The beau I have after my dream

And this unrest my way

Stalking ever since.

My story starts but goes nowhere

Without that name…my paramour

Who rests dissolved and is about spread

From within the folds of my dark mane.

Ill-repute ? Yes, I will embrace

I’m lost no more nor misplaced

Why must I not heed the call I hear

Of the youth in me, its lovely smear ?

Why hold back from its joyous yields

Its lay happy, permeated intimacy ?

Not all destinies are easy and straight

Life’s bliss some must snatch, then pay.

Flowing tears pause to remind the eye

It’s not the goblet that melts in wine !

Is the day over and evening’s silence set ?

Or groom’s party on the boat drenched ?

I hear no dirge from the river shore

Not a howl rips, no cries rend the air !


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