One Morning My Dreams Came True…


One morning my dreams come true

The spring sun sought and hid

Breeze blew gutsy and cool

Birds chirped and hopped

And flew low

Cheering children

In the street below

Playing as if extending

Their overnight score.


 I savour the turn rare

Oneness strange

Conspicuous, scarce

In that gray light

And blessed overcast air :

Watching which I felt

I was the ball, the palm on it

The lad ready to throw

And the woman

Across the way, hanging clothes

And the house, eyeing sharp

The peers in time

And the fields even

In the distance

Wave back and smile

All sway to the tune same

Beautiful without art

Emerged out of blue

Neat and stark

As palpable one, suffused within

Distinct beings, as others seeming

But the same, the same

One without another

As it was then in me.

I stood startled

Without my wits

Just a heart swelled

Next to the one beating

And I sank in a chair

To gather myself

Recalled my name

The identity in pair

And withdrew safe

From overwhelming surfeit.

For a while next

I curled up in bed

Chewing the feel

Of throwing myself

On the rocks below

Down the gorge deep

Where the river roared

In gurgling abyss…

*   *   *

It occurred in a flash

When I raised myself

That I was forever cured

Of this little consciousness

Which caused the heat

Woke the fevers in me

Of wants excruciating

Like a malaise

Of broken dna.

I glide out to a walk

 Bouncing on steps

Side step the cock

And catch the path

By the tail on its hind

To wherever it led.

I feel the feet rise and fall

And that I am wonderfully lost

In the wilderness there

When, just then, I sight

The bend up high, against the sky

Which, trudging up

Shows an old man squat

On a stone slightly warmed

Of the sun’s tilted rays

Adding to the grey

In the spectacled face

Radiating naïve charm.

He lit up in greeting

Chin on the stick

Eying the hilltops

Hairs waving in the breeze

In a union quiet

Of being converged

In the cold and the sun

Letting life be merged

Sensing in the space inner

The valley in space

For a moment too long

In communion, I wait…

Until he gave a heave

And stood up to leave

For the climb onward

On slow bounds steady

With a drive just right

Grace ample, poised fluid.

We talk some but just

Revealing our transparence

To sights pure

Without thought

Feeling the beauty and joy

In our minds open, accessed.

Being one, the same

Involved luminous

In forms different

And in each recess

The same, the same

In all creatures and things

With their features diverse.

*    *    *

I did then allow in

The banished hopes

Desperations true

And their real impress.

I let the body lead

Unbound the mind free

For empowered fullness complete

In health, light and spree.

*    *    *          *    *    *


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