The Government Must Mistrust…

As against that cliched ruse which inimical forces employ to shield themselves in the name of ‘all the innocents,’ I see merit in government crackdown on people who keep their money in anonymity and move it in the cloak of secrecy, or ‘privacy’ as they say.

The government of the day is a representative of the people of this country though, most of us would agree, it has failed at its responsibilities for most of its tenures post independence and has actually sided with large- and small-scale black economy operators, working in institutionalised eddies of corruption and often in cahoots with anti national forces of diverse hues.

In the pic above, you may read up the featured write of a complicit mind who argues divisively for ‘the free Indian’ versus the ‘regimented’ one, who she as one who is part of the mainstream, who affiliates with the ruling BJP and is devoted to the Hindu way of life. I recognise the author as part of that corrupt ecosystem set deep during the previous UPA regime led by one Italian who married into the Nehru family, amassed billions in spoils, and now employs those ‘anonymous’ resources in fomenting chaotic disruptions all over and funding subversive forces to drag the country back into the hold of that clicque that her son now fronts.

The current NDA coalition, which topple the UPA in May 2014, has done especially well in undoing that self-serving ecosystem previously rooted, politically and economically, despite being under duress of programmes launched by black fief chiefs. It has not been helped by the country’s judiciary who, inadvertently or co-optedly, have judged to strengthen that ‘liberal’ smokescreen behind which the suavely unscrupulous find their solace and nurture their survival…all in the name of the innocents, seculars, liberals, deemed freedoms and privacy guarantees.

The government’s public outreach today lines up data in support of its decision to demonetise higher value denominations of the Indian Rupee. It cleared up much of mire in one stroke, which was followed up with another tall milestone reform in taxation system of goods and services. The two combine well with UID linked bank account to the economically weakest strata of our population, direct benefit transfer, crop insurance to farmers, filip to handloom industry, Make In India push, defence fortifying programs, and continued investments in core sectors. The recent jump in the country’s rank on “ease of doing business,” according to World Bank survey, rise in “corruption free” index, and surveyed measure of people’s confidence in this govt and in their own future, reflect the vastly improved state of affairs that now prevail in this nation of 1.3 billion people.


Thankfully, this govt and PM Modi are made of sterner stuff.

I regard it as as our nation’s good fortune that we, as a people, have succeessfully turned ourselves from running into the ground and covering ourselves with the filth of its pits.

Congratulations to us !

Let us give a hand to BJP in Gujarat and Himachal elections and endorse enthusiastically its second term in 2019.


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