As It Perverts…


The only perversion, at root, is that inability of the pervert to wrench itself away from the driving emotion, engendering reinforcing thought in the mind and manifesting in the pervert act, assaulting motion or speech. It isn’t a perversion if one could restrain oneself from the act, even while suffering the emotional sizzle, as it happens.

We could be constrained by a moral value within or by fears of external consequences, social or legal. But the potential juggernaut of perversion will remain, waiting to find its way in personal failure, coincidental opportunity to escape the law or to camouflage one’s culpability. It remains as a second order vulnerability that in its capacity looms large, precedes the existential self and, finding its opportunity, overtake us through an irresistible surge of emotion.

That static status, of restrained perversion potent within ourself, will not remain as such : it will either take us down, when the situation allows, or we must continue to pull ourselves further back and finally turn away altogether. We need a new home for our self, beyond the power of perversion within us, if the latter effect is to become permanent. It can’t just be an ideated, thought created thing to be merely mooned in. It must bear a reference to our initial state, in which perversion remains potent, and chart a direction towards our destination beyond its pale.

What better, logically consistent home we could revert to than the origin of our perversion itself ? It is love in itself in our heart, unified and at peace, with renunciation of all subtle or gross contributory influx from without. We are love and so is every other person. We neither have the need of a particular object for our love nor any business being partial about its extension. There are instituted ways, through marriage and family, for steadying ourself while such external needs hold sway. They do not cure us of our perversion but provide a sanctuary through times we are still vulnerable.

Yet unified love in our heart, though necessary in curing our potential to pervert, is not sufficient to our homing into the perversion-proof base. The perversion potential, at its surge, would simply camouflage itself behind our curiosity drive, to know the other person or thing. The task however is not to become omniscient, and quench the curiosity drive forever, or to cover ourself with an universal and impersonal love. One will take ages with our apriori conditioning and the other is impossible in a world teeming with relatives.

All we need to know, be convinced about, is the pure origin of what is manifest perversion, so that we can instantly revert to loving purely, without corrupt objectification of the come-what-may surge to unify with the other. And, so that we may instantly displace the perverted desire, to win or possess the other, with its very origin in the pure desire to know.

It is easy, quite, to renounce perversion by choosing its pure origin. The herculean thing is to know, be convinced of its purity at source.

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