This Change You Need To Know

I know people read what I write because I am mindful about what I choose to write about, even in my comment on other people’s post, with decently constructed compositions free of serious grammatical errors. Largely, that is.

What most may not know is that I am writing a book, at a snail’s pace so far, and have decided to devote to it a lot more of the effort I am capable of in order to give a little speed towards its completion one day, before I breathe my last.

I had stopped being a chit-chatting bot and had shed my role as an activist or crusader of causes since a while now. i have been “dead” to Twitter and feel the need to go likewise — dormant — on Facebook, in view of this decision pertaining to the work in progress.

Accordingly, you might not read a direct post from me on Facebook except through a link to what I enter on my WordPress site. I will restore WordPress share setting to my Twitter account as well. My readers on G+ are already in the loop.

Thank you for your kind attention thus far and farewell thee all until we connect next.

I will visit my Notes India page on FB off and on for your comments.



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