Politics In Law

It is a cool fine morning this day. The wine yesterday past midnight was good. I can’t say the same about Amish’s Ramchandra series though, one of which I am reading currently. But the K-drama, Ballad of Suh Dong, is engaging enough. And, the country is full of interesting happenings all over. Life is full, engendering, I must say.


Times of India is daily I read with a reluctant compulsion. It’s there every morning, at the grilled door, and picked habitually to be served with my tea. Or, my queen’s if I happened to delay mine. It represents the times, err, the bygone era when corrupt, incompetent and unscrupulous louts of Congress ruled over our affairs. It is a propaganda mouthpiece of political and commercial entities which lie, buy and bribe with impunity on their way to ‘success.’

Among over a dozen remarkable developments it reported, I found an editorial observation most unconscionable…

Madras High Court’s Vande Mataram Order Will Complicate People’s Lives

Complicate lives indeed but not as much as reading the damned periodical does, I hear myself murmur. Vande Mataram is this country’s designated National Song that comprehensively charms our yearning to belong. Making it compulsory in schools would only complicate the lives of those who are lazy, wayward or ideologically pinned.

I am by no means saying that such a judgement was desirable or needed, especially its extension to government offices and industrial units where people go to work and often find themselves delayed or rushed to report on time.

It does pop the question : why ? Why did the High Court judges rule thus ? I have no idea except for what has been explicitly reported : on the basis of an earlier Supreme Court judgement that made singing, and listening in attention mode, mandatory in cinema halls. Arriving late to watch the Dunkirk show, I missed the routine and felt nothing remiss. But the occasion before was fun and full, with cent percent quorum, and had an easing-into-the-mood effect.

But offices are so unlike atmospherically compared to theatres, where manhours are not paid for, and schools, where kids can still milk some joy out of a rigmorale. So, why ? I have my suspicions ranging in career ambitions of the presiding judges, to standout in the eye of the supreme court collegium or of the nationalist leadership of present government, to simple stupidity that stagnating days breed in best of human minds.

Whatever though, a daily that itself is a vehicle peddling lies, misinformation and disinformation, has no business pointing to relative innocent complications that compulsory singing of Vande Mataram might cause. The pathetic state of our justice delivery system, its stupidity and politics, are matters of infinitely greater concern.

How sad, institutions constituted to keep us citizens on the right is so horribly wrong on several basic counts !


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