Those Ideologues And NeoLiberals

Modern day liberals opt for the easy and cheap. The better, more steadfast among them are like a would-be painter who fell in love with the apparent idea expressed in a painting and could never get out of it.

Painters are common men who feel, emotionally react to how they feel, and let the emotion shape the form in their vision of what caused or inspired the feeling. What makes a painter out of a common person is his skills and ability to hold the vision in his poise, sketch it truly on a canvas, choose and form the needed colours, and lay it patiently on the canvas with an appropriate brush, one by one, over and over, until the painting is complete and the canvas reflects the envisioned form. Then its over. The drive and application is exhausted.

How people feel and what they see in the painting is really of no concern to the painter; they feel and find what they do for their own reasons. There would be an interregnum before he takes up another but the idea envisioned before and lovingly, intimately and long held in his poise is done with. It moved off the mental frame when the painter sat back with a drink after he had executed the last stroke of brush. What remains are his skills and abilities that, in the first place, made a painter out of him.

The ideologues and neo liberals we see in the media, and inevitably meet on occasions, claim wisdom for themselves. By the notion of political, social or economic value they perceive of their idea, members of the ideological herd are moved to rally on its behalf, without any regard for the absence of skills and abilities to do something productive and valuable.

Long live the liberals !

Realists must defer and give them the right to pass, and wait. 

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