The Case For A Good Slurp

A good slurp instantly divides people into two cultural lots : one who find it friendly and the other whom it offends.

To the individual in the middle, leading to cheers from friendly tea drinkers, it is just sucking in air along with the hot drink. That has implications, monumental to his joy : it cools the fluid before it hits the palette. That means he can drink his tea early, at a higher temperature, than the ones taking it in quiet sips. Which allows richer, flavourful fumes alongwith the taste of tea to his sense buds.

Isn’t that the very purpose of sitting over the favorite cuppa of tea or coffee ? What reason does the other lot have for being offended by a good slurp, except an irrational sensibility ?

Agree then, my great friends !

There is a strong case in favour of the good slurp.



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