Summer Interludes

Around this day last month, Ihad watched the movie Bahubali-2 and was pleased by its cinematic values that took its story home, into the hearts of people.

I do not watch TV nor go to theatres to watch a movie. Except once in a blue moon, when I mostly snooze through it. It therefore surprised me that I went out for this one, saw it with eyes wide awake, and I now wish to talk about it.

Bahubali 2 is a creation that springs up on a sea of big belief and is powered by mountains of values, both human and cinematic. Its storyline is historical fiction about a namesake who was a mighty prince, celebrated king and later a revered sage.

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The movie earned big success and much heartburns from industry moghuls, who’d raked in a tenth at the counters. I believe, it was out and out the movie makers belief in his own vision of things, regardless of its accuracy or relevance to existential concerns of humankind. It was a fantasy presented exceedingly well that entertained and gave much joy to its audience starved of real life heroism and emulatory personal values. It celebrated skills, good nature and success even before the creation succeeded with the audience.


This report prepared by Harsh Mander, one of the well known Maoist sympathisers among India’s ideologically left cabal, shapes the perennially emotional class-divide meme, as always from behind narrow statistical data. He picks on numbers that compare wealth of the rich with that of the poor since 2000. What it delivers in effect is that emotive, politically evergreen and socially divisive statement on the “worsening class divide.” It is a belaboured, high pitch conclusion that purposely touts concern for those segments of population that have traditionally drawn the attention of political minds and their intellectual crusaders.

“The high decibel growth led to 12-fold increase in wealth for the richest 10% people since 2000, while for the poorest 10% the income jumped by just three times…” Just three times, the lament underscores, compared to twelve of the most well-heeled rich, who have all the advantages of education, information and resources in comparison.

It’s a miracle worthy of celebration than cause for cries for social justice, I believe, that even the extremely marginal and economically paralysed people have actually improved their lot by three times instead of sliding further into the abyss. It reminds me of at least 50 odd supportive policies and targeted schemes promoted by PM Modi’s government to transfer benefits in cash and kind, facilitate economic security for poorest and weakest segments of society, provide for their basic and survival needs, and bring new and old world opportunities to their doorsteps.

How much more should it be ? 12% or more, the author seems to suggest, and at least higher than what it was. A sense of aspirational dissatisfaction could be understood and would indeed be welcome. But that isn’t how the commentary on available data is framed. It picks quarrel, rabble rousing the dying committed converts to socialist ideology in order to infuse them with life.

Sad. Doubly sad for wasted talent of the author and the chorus singers he is addressing. It will only serve to spread darkness and spur destruction of the good momentum the economy has gained since May 2014. It is a call for the impossible when things are bound to further improve if we just kept at our effort along besting ourselves in the possible realm.

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I am travelling, having a window view of fields getting prepared for the kharif season. There are areas that seem parched. But the trees cheer me up, young ones especially. They’d grow up tall and spread wide, as environmental and economic assets. Proliferating seababuls are protein rich cattle feed. The fruit trees, mango and jamuns, are virtually culture savers. There are peepuls and odd banyans, and lovely neems with shining light green new leaves. They all are a feast to my city tired eyes.

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The next part of the Vedic Yoga series is still incubating… It is gathering values and strengths and will be presented shortly.

Thank you, for appreciating the previous parts.


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