Human Evolution And Civilisational Spread

This absorbing read has a wide-time canvas covering hundreds of thousands of years, bringing to view an understanding of how mankind may have evolved, moved long distances, civilisationally rose through many a period in many a land in yet hoary times, and was cyclically destroyed.

The article linked here presents an overarching proposal of realistic overview inclusive of scientifically discovered exceptional facts, sidelined and buried by the academia in the West, which continues to herald and propagate add-on information along these straight line ancient world and prehistoric theories NatGeo brings to life, but which are thought up in 19th Century religious bias and nicely cobbled up by politically prejudiced visionaries of an Europe on the cusp of colonial dominance.

The proposal presented by the author spectacularly departs from those erroneous oft-beaten views of prehistory, spread over continental far lands and phenomenal happenings timed more complicatedly than theories in vogue have the capacity to admit. The alternate view is based on reasons picked up from the same common pool of discovered facts available world wide. The historical layout it offers may still not be accurate, nor exhaustive, but it does sound more plausable with inclusion of facts that historians in the West have ignored because they did not fit into their pet simplifying themes, of which Out Of Africa, Aryan Invasion Theory, and Aryan North and Dravidian South Divide in Indian subcontinent, are most persistent and loud.

The alternate view introduced better integrates facts than other prevailing speculations of human history.

Click here for accessing the main article



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