Beleaguered Trump. Hobbled US.

It is reported that the US Dept of Justice, deciding suo moto without consulting the White House, has appointed former FBI chief to repry communications transacted between Trump team’s and the Russian establishment and investigate their relationship, pointedly for the effect it has had on the 2016 Presidential election and risks it might now pose to US interests in the larger geopolitical game.

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To a dispassionate onlooker abroad as I, with concerns about what is happening right now on global chessboard, the decision, warranted or not, seems both institutionally welcome and politically extreme. The first restores primacy to institutional framework, its constituted checks and balances over the powerful office of the POTUS, in general, and protection against harm the whimsical and closed door decision eddies of an almighty First Executive could pose, in particular. It signals a return to more transparent functioning of the Federal Govt, with vetted professionals in the lead answerable to the Congress and the people of the United States.

On the other hand, to investigate an incumbent POTUS is fraught with possibly paralysing outcomes all the way. To start with, leadership of a president-in-the-dock is bound to project negatively in federal administrative offices, among citizens everywhere, and both friends and adversaries globally. That in itself would be an unacceptable cost to any nation, and more so to the world’s mightiest with historical obligations. And then, at its logical conclusion upon findings that holds the President complicit and guilty, what is to happen ?

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I believe Trump has the immunities guaranteed to the office unless he is impeached and removed. That would be a very long drawn affair, a period when the POTUS will still all his Executive power to decide on matters domestic and international. What if he, in his beleguered state of mind, makes debilitating decisions for the US or the global community ? With Republican control over both House and Senate, what if the impeachment campaign fails to pass muster ? It raises images that are terrible any which way we look.

I hope what follows, in the days and months to come, remains sane and partial to continuity than an abrupt hobbling of beaconous power of the office of the President of the United States. The ordered investigation must restrict itself to the goal of asserting the constituted powers of federal institutions and, I believe, must especially eschew toeing the politically extreme line signalled by Hillary Clinton’s recently announced “going forward” program. That kind of brinkmanship caused by a total inability to accept democratic electoral decision, either egotistically or on pressure brought upon by donors and funding entities with their own agenda, will only result in setbacks for american people and horrible global consequences.

Let the air clear up, please. Beleaguer Trump to make a welcome point. For nothing is worth hobbling or paralysing the nation.

Thank you.



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