My Propah Hindu Brother…

Love you, don’t I ?


I yet note with concern your censorious line on a citizen’s simple observation on a marraige that was conducted under a few non-traditional rules and values. Here’s my appeal that I hope you will consider dispassionately, with that generosity of heart your belief system greatly values.

“I admire your insistence on doing things “propah.” I sense that you are a votary of propah Hindu ways, long cultured in this exalted land of Bharat.

“But in view of widespread disregard by the laity of all things propah, and their compulsory preference for unregimented ways, you would be greatly dissapointed most of the time and sharply critical of most people you meet or come across — people who currently inhabit this country of ours. What to do, these multitudes drown out your purifying call to abide by scriptural standards and adopt the propah Hindu way of being and living.

“The good thing is that this nation will actually be led by precisely these commoners who do not wear their propah antecedents on their sleeve. They live the historical continuity of Sanatan regard, values and beliefs, and personal worshipful ways, but without overstating the “rules” and being obsessed about them with missionary zeal. They are the embracing people of this land who will to refuse to judge others for their personal belief subscriptions and their chosen way of life. They will not insist on measuring their every small or big departures from the propah line laid by pundits like you before putting them in the dock.

“Don’t get me wrong, I do not in the least oppose your choice of belief and mission for yourself. Far from it, I look upon it as a welcome diversity. But I do take umbrage to this imposition of the same on other simpler minded compatriots, who are merely trying to aspire and exert at making their lives a little better than before, both for themselves and for others.”



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