Spirit And Spirituality

Spirituality is about you, I, the spirit we are. We have an apriori sense of our self, primarily by our bouyancy, happiness, enthusiasm, brightness and cheer, and sharpness for observation, analysis and perspectival interpretation.

Our spirit pre-exists our thoughts, the running frames of emotion, the many wills charged or not, and our actions that others behaviourally assess for themselves.

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Spirituality, therefore, involves you and I with knowledge and methodical means to raise our cheer and brightness index despite our experience, condition and life situations that are usually adverse and, more or less, traumatic in nature.

How to raise our cheer and brightness index is a primal query and an indispensable quest, and keep it high and substantial all the time. It is the most fundamental of all self-empoering life skills, which gives to us the power to regulate the mind and direct our behaviour.

It all starts with recognising the questions, accepting the quest, and adopting the answers or solutions we come across.




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