Pain And Deliverance


Pain = Suffering felt, emotion it draws

Hate = Ego, self coated in emotion, wielding directed will, apparently to address the pain)

That is how phenomenal being-for-itself works. Howsoever the individual secures or protects itself against it, deep hurt and lingering pain are primary to life, inseperable from this fated human condition. Some are fortunate enough to have enough pleasing distractions to mollify, enable them to take in their stride their share of persistent personal dissatisfactions, causes for their unceasing unhappiness, as life deals.

In our modern era, we have more and more means to make our lives more and more bearable. There are even lines of beliefs which encourage us to think of ourselves as mere automatons, a chemical product that walks on unfeeling of mental stakes our life situations drive into us. That, to me, seems like an attempt to make our despair the new normal, negating the spiritual capital of which the felt richness of our being springs, leaving us impoverished from within, as shells with dry crusted cysts on its inner walls.

All oriental ways of life deal with this vexed quest for deliverance from pain.

Buddha says : Life is a heap of pain.

Vedanta says : Ego is ignorance.

Buddha says, life can be relieved of pain by ending desire. He proposes all the reasons that link the two. There are hundreds of libraries dedicated to ways of bringing desire to its end. People however are unsure at every step, at all levels : how to end desire, to end the pain ?

Vedanta says, ego is formed consciousness, within a hard cover precipitated in ignorance. Freedom lies in countering ignorance with its exact antidote : knowledge. It suggests that imbibed truth melts the hard cover of ignorance that entitifies the ego-form; that, right knowledge liberates consciousness from its cage formed due to absence of knowledge in truth. And that it eliminates pain forever.

It is upto us to, one, raise this burning zeal for deliverance from a life full of pain and, two, choose a path consistent with our life perspective and our understanding of its goals.


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